Angie date #2 – “group date, meet my single roommate”

Is it OK if I rewind this about 15 years?

Is it OK if I rewind this about 5 years?

Blog #4

A week after our first meeting, we got in touch again and decided on a date in her area.  I’d bring my dog, and she’d bring her niece and we’d all go for a walk.

I really had no clue what I was getting into, she had “cheeked me” at the ending of our first date and I’d be lying if I said our connection oozed with fireworks and chemistry class explosions, we just enjoyed each others company, so why not meet again.

I parked the car across from her building and sent her a note that I was outside with my dog, ready for our walk.

A few minutes later I saw Angie walking towards me with her 4 year old niece.  I gave her a quick brother-hug and cheek kiss which I don’t think she was expecting…

She also looked different from the first time I saw her, I think she left the make-up off this time, which is fine, but she indeed looked different.  She was also wearing worn out jogging pants and a winter jacket that had seen better days.  She looked and presented herself so much differently…like a mom.

Like a sack of bricks to the head “was this HER kid she was bringing along”?

Before I could erase the thought she told me that her roommate was coming and would be out soon.  Her roomie was the mother of the kid…wheew..

Now here comes her roommate walking up, open arms, “Hello, I’ve heard so much about you”.. and we hugged.

Now she looked like she was on a date!  Lots of make-up, deep red lipstick, long coat, yoga pants and leather boots.

As we were walking down the sidewalk and she continued to engage with me in conversation as Angie and the kid tagged along behind it all started to seem an awful lot like she was trying to hook me up with her roommate.  Even though her roomie was attractive, I still stayed close to Angie for the duration of the “group date” and the roomie slowly whittled back..

We had a great lunch and a great day overall, later on her roomie stayed home while myself, my dog, Angie and the kid went to the skating rink.  I had a great time skating with her 4 year old niece, who skated just as good as Gretzky or Crosby would’ve at the same age, and I was only asked if I was her father about 15~ times.  After our skate we went back to their apartment “so I could give my dog some water” but after just a few minutes I decided to head home.

“You dont want to stay for pasta” said the roomie..

“No thanks, I am pretty tired and better head out” (I was, but was also no closer to closing on Angie, nor did I even want to anymore)

We all mentioned how fun the day was as my dog and I entered the elevator as I left.

Ang sent me a note about 2 hours later making sure I made it home ok, and asked me to send her a couple short videos I’d made with my phone from the ice rink.  I emailed them to her, and asked her to let me know that she got them as they sent by Google drive which I’d never used before.

A few minutes later I heard the chime from my phone indicating a new Tinder message, but when I checked nothing was there.

Angie and I never spoke again.






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