My first Tinder date

30's dating

Blog #3

I only met two women through Tinder during the short time I used it.  The first girl, we’ll call Angie, had about 5 pictures, all very nice looking.  Her tagline was that she was new in town and worked in Engineering.

Right on.

Now most think Tinder is a hook-up app, and I am here to say this wasn’t what I was using it for, unless, you know, that just sorta happened.

After chatting on and off for a few days and not hearing from Angie, nor engaging with her, I figured like many others, our “chances” of meeting were dead in the water.  That is until she randomly sent me a “How are you?” a couple days after our previous convo.  We got to chatting and then she hit me with “So do you want to meet today”.

I responded with “Today!?” which at the time was a Sunday around 5pm.

She assured me she meant today before giving me her address.  I’d pick her up and we’d go out and grab a coffee, a drink or whatever. “Its your City, you pick the place” she said.

I pulled up and she got right into my car – Angie was hot.  Even if she didn’t look a thing like any of her pictures that I assume were all years old.

Tanned skin, dark eyes and hair, curves in all the right places and we started chatting right away.  We quickly decided to head up to Dave and Busters, if you’re unaware of the place its basically a Chucky Cheese for grown ups.  Billiards, video games, bars, restaurant etc.

When we arrived we went to the bar and each ordered a pint and continued chatting away.  There were no awkward moments (for me anyway), the conversation flowed nicely and then we went and played pool.  After an embarrassingly bad game of pool, we switched to video games at the other end of the building.  During our chats I also learned that Angie wasn’t an engineer.  She actually didn’t even have a job, she had been taking engineering in school but had recently changed to another major.  She was living with a family member and was going to school, hey, she was 28 after all and at least trying to improve herself – but far from the hot new in town engineer I thought I was encountering this evening, oh well. (Welcome to Tinder, folks)

At this point I would  lightly touch her on the small of her back when we were walking together between games, to kindly let her know that I was into her.  After a few more games we decided to call it a night and I’d drop her off.

During the ride home she mentioned twice what stuff we could do for date #2 and we both showed interest in it, which was outdoor ice skating.

When I dropped Angie off I went for a kiss after our hug and I got cheeked!  She got out of the car and I drove away in a bit of a shame “You just got cheeked” I was thinking as I drove off into the night, “but she agreed to a second date, hell, it was her idea…WTF”.

I was dating again, and this wouldn’t be the first time I’d be dumfounded and it certainly wasn’t the last.

See the next entry to read about the next meeting between Angie and I..



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