The Zoosk experiment

Well, not that old.

Well, not that old.

Blog #6

I was going to leave this one out but I’ll post it.

I spent a little bit of time on Zoosk, which cuts it too closely to a free “garbage dump” dating site to be really taken seriously.  I was on there just a couple days, if that, when I was messaged by, we’ll call her, Francine – a french gal from Montreal.

She had some nice photos up of herself, some a little seductive and she messaged me with great eagerness, a lot.

She really wanted to meet, soon and was asking when I got off work, would I be close by, when can I stop by!

It was a blizzard outside, and as much as I like meeting random strangers from the internet, I wasn’t going to chance wrapping my new car around a guardrail to meet one, that, lets be honest here, would likely end terribly anyway.

The next day the weather was clear so we set it up and I headed over.  During the drive my phone was exploding with texts from her, ding, ding, dingdingding, ding…

When I got into the parking lot the messages were:

Do you smoke? (no) I smoke, hope you dont mind.

How close are you?

Where are you now?



Yeah, really.

We met and boy had I ever just been duped.  Francine was supposedly 34 and attractive, but Francine hadn’t been 34 for at least 10 years, maybe more.

She had the figure of a tree stump, the face of a late 40’s chain smoker and the appeal of a brick wall.  The best part was what she wanted to do for our “date” – she wanted me to go with her and a friend to Costco, through rush hour traffic, and then go to a club afterwards.

I said I had to skip out on the Costco trip to go home and eat, but maybe I’d be down for the club later on – and I bounced.

She sent a few messages later on that all went unanswered, that was it for me and Francine, and Zoosk.








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