Using Tinder in your 30’s

30's dating

Blog post #2, let’s go over Tinder and what my experience was with it.

Keep in mind right off the bat that Tinder is free, and most (if not all) free dating sites are, from my experience, essentially garbage dumps.

The worst is women that use these as tools to boost their self esteem and ego.  An average looking girl with a few nice pictures (which is the bulk of women that use OLD ((online dating) can go from feeling like a zero, to a hero with a carefully made profile.  They get inundated with messages from crazed men and soon see themselves being able to pick and choose, while sifting though hundreds of messages, likely from men that wouldn’t even give them a second look in real life.

So I am saying Tinder, in the hands of many, is a popularity contest – but still, an average looking guy like me found myself with around 15-18 matches per week for the 2.5 weeks I was using it.  From my research I found that most guys weren’t getting responses from their matches, but there were only a few that didn’t respond to mine, and I chalked those up as another guy had gotten to them first as I had let them languish while I focused on others.

Often times witty banter messages would go back and forth for an evening and if I didn’t shoot for their phone number or get into a mutually enjoyable conversation we’d not speak the next day.  As new matches pile up, you start focusing on the new ones, chasing a high almost, just seeing what may lie ahead.

I chatted with many women on Tinder, and am as guilty as anyone else for using it to boost my battered ego.  In the end I only met 2 women from Tinder in our short stint together…

See blog post #3 for my Tinder dates



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