Eharmony Date – The Country Girl

Blog #8

This one was a bit of a fluke, I was sitting around chilling on a Sunday afternoon and saw that I’d received a message on Eharmony, so I checked it.

Now, EHarmony works differently than other sites, they try to get people to send canned questions / answers back and forth, along with your makes and breaks before being allowed to send simple messages.

In this case, Kelly, we’ll call her, went right to “skip to message” and dismissed all the other bullshit.

Our chats were more like drinking buddies rambling to one another, rather than your typical courting process.  It moved quickly too, from “Hey whats up” to “You wanna meet in an hour?” all in about 20 minutes.

We agree’d to meet up at a pub that was close to both of us “as friends” (my saying) to try and keep any build-up or nervousness at bay.  “Just two people meeting with similar interests”.

Kelly and I met in the parking lot of the pub and she was “as-advertised” no surprises or bs, which was nice considering what I’d been through the night before (see blog #7).  She made me laugh with her stories, was 100% wholesome and we chatted for a couple hours.

Only problem?  I didn’t feel anything towards her as far as sexual attraction went.  I felt bad for Kelly, knowing she was being overlooked by guys when she was 110% a mans-mans – girl!  I was dumfounded why she was having such a hard time finding a guy when she seemed to be exactly what most guys seem to want to settle down with?

The day after our date I sent her a note saying I had fun, she sent one back saying much the same and that was it between myself and the country girl.


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