date #1 – duped by pictures

Just try not to when a guy is driving an hour to meet you, k thanx bye,

Just try not to when a guy is driving an hour to meet you.

Blog #7

This one I am not exactly sure who messaged who first, or how it even started.  All I know is that it went from on-site messaging to BBM very quickly.

We’ll call her Agatha.

She was my age, professional, own home, car, stylish – the whole bit.  This one really had me wondering, why is she single??

Her pictures looked fantastic, beautiful face, beauty mark etc.  Very well spoken and smart, we chatted for 3-4 days before agreeing to meet up the next Saturday night. I’d travel to her town that wasn’t far from mine, about an hour – I could’ve asked her to meet me half way, but I figured why not just go right to her.

Now, the primer and how she got me.

Her dating profile consisted of many recent head shots, semi-recent waist-up shots and old waist down shots.  See where I am going with this?

I had no idea or reason to look into her pictures that deep before our meet-up, but you can bet your ass I look at everyones pictures super close now!  The day we were to meet she had gone offline for 4-5 hours, I figured to get ready or who knows, then out of nowhere I get a BBM message from her..

She was now sporting a new(er) BBM profile picture which showed her standing beside someone else.  From the waist up she looked the same as the other pictures, but from the waist down she had some horizontal striped “thing” covering her, like the old hoodie tied around the waist trick, but she was trying to get the stripes to work in her favor, to try to trick people into thinking she wasn’t so umm… wide, in that area.  Now, this is about 2 hours before we were to meet, and the only reason she did it was to give me a last chance to bail on her.

Unfortunately for her, I am not that shallow – except the BBM picture itself didn’t end up being recent either as I’d soon find out.

We met at a bar in her town, of course I was there a little early and then I waited for her message to let me know  that she was in the parking lot, then I’d go find her.

No joke, I was sitting in my car, and I see a girl closely matching what I think I am meeting, walking in front of my car, typing on her phone.  Just then I get a message, that she’s in the parking lot and walking towards the place.  I quickly jump out and start to follow the girl I saw, which must be her.

No.  It wasn’t.

As I approached the entrance I met Agatha, and she had every. single. trick. in. the. book. at work on her to try to hide her size.

Now, at this point, I am literally embarrassed for her.

The lengths she has taken to get to this point, the photo trickery, the covering, the long coat, the BBM bail pics – all I can do is only look into her eyes (and nowhere else) to ease the situation!  I thought I was meeting with a voluptuous chick with a booty, not someone teetering on 300lbs…

“So nice to meet you” quick hug, and head into the place.

Now ladies, I am not ragging on large girls here, lots of guys LOVE big girls, I am just not one of them!  And she falsely portrayed herself, which isn’t cool.  If she had just posted actual photos she wouldn’t have to build such a pre-date house of cards and then be on pins and needles for the entire date wondering if the guy doesn’t mind.

As far as the actual date went, it was obviously very awkward for both of us.  I felt like I was in the house of mirrors at the fair….

It ended about an hour later, quick hug in the parking lot and a “talk soon” from her before we parted ways.  Believe me, I had time to think about it on the hour ride home.

I never messaged Agatha again, nor did I ever hear from her again.  Oddly, I was on another date the day after and while doing a quick bathroom phone-check I noticed that her BBM picture had changed yet again.  This time to one over 10 years old, on the dance floor at a club.

Whether that was for me, or the next sucker, in near disgust I deleted her from my BBM list and went back to my date.

That one, you can read about in the next post..



4 thoughts on “ date #1 – duped by pictures

  1. This same situation happened to me quite a few times in the past. I always felt embarrassed, and tricked. They always either post pics of only head shots (usually from weird angles), or they post old pictures that were taken way before they got fat.


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