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30's dating


Blog #9

Even I’ll admit this one took me a little by surprise.  A young attractive Doctor – that messaged me first?  Whoa..

We instantly hit it off very well and hung on for each others next message.  We would send short novel-length emails to each other on a daily basis filled with “Oh yeah me too” , “I’ve been there”, “”I know exactly what you mean!”

We were off to a great start as far as online dating goes.

We’ll call her Demi.  She had some good pictures up, a well thought out write-up and in my conversations with her it was apparent she was highly educated, well spoken, brilliant and just fun to talk with.

I got her number and called her one night, we ended up talking for hours and continued to do so each night up until our meeting which was planned for the following Saturday.  On the day of, I was to pick her up and then we were to go shopping and feel out the date to see where we’d end up next.

When she came walking up to the car she was pretty much what I was expecting.  A petite, well dressed and carried 20-something that had accomplished more by her late 20’s than most would in a lifetime.  Conversation flowed nicely and we went to the mall to do some shopping together..

Shopping was followed up with a nice lunch and then we went to a bar afterwards to finish up the evening.  Overall the date lasted around 6 hours and I considered it pretty good for a first meeting, of which she told me I was the first guy she had met since starting online dating.

I thought to myself “Aren’t you lucky, my first dates were horrible”

If I’ve learned one thing since getting back into dating, it’s that by age 33 you don’t really bank on instant chemistry on a first meeting with someone.  It either happens, or doesn’t over a few dates – hence why it’s called dating. 

On the ride back to drop Demi off I hinted that for date #2 we could go for a little road trip and I could show her some of my favorite spots and driving roads.  We could grab dinner somewhere in another town and just basically spend a nice day together – her response to this was iffy at best and I knew right away that while this may be salvageable, she wasn’t sold either way.

When I dropped her off I went for the kiss and got the side of her face (lol) before she got out of the car and scurried into her place and I drove home wondering what was what.

Now, guys, at this point I should have went no contact, for at least 36 hours and waited for her to come to me, as what was really going on was her thinking things over.

But no, like a dumb ass I texted right away that night if she’d like to set up date #2 and I got the “are you interested in being friends?  I didn’t feel any relationship chemistry” – and she was right, for both of us, but alas at my age you let that form over time – but not on her watch.

The jig was up – and I said “that’s dating” and we had a personal conversation where I urged her to continue dating, be safe, have fun and be careful.  I truly do respect the hell out of Demi, even if there wasn’t any instant fireworks between (either) of us I really did like her as a person.

We sent a few messages back and forth that night, being ourselves and I left her a final 🙂 face to mark the ending of our short but quick run-in with each other.

After 48 hours I deleted all of her stuff from my phone and focused on 3 new women I had lined up for dates and moved on from Demi.

….Until a week later I received a text from her “Hey Hun how are you” – which I missed by over an hour.

Demi had been “around the corner” from my place and wanted to know if I would like to grab a coffee, but by the time I replied she was already on her way home.

We sent a few kind notes back and forth, her claiming “bad luck” why we couldn’t meet that night and I haven’t heard from her since, nor am I instigating anything with her as the ball is still in her court on this one.

Update I received a text from her nearly 4 months after our date asking me for tips on finding a condo to rent.  I gave her a tip, she thanked me and that was that.  I obviously could have instigated something but chose not to, interest long gone.




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