The Fallout girl

Gorgeous - but do you have any recent pics?

Gorgeous – but do you have any recent pics?


I have met nearly every woman I’ve chatted with online, except for one (at this point).

Lets call her Kerry.

I liked one of her pictures and was instantly hit up with a barrage of messages from her and then given her number “to text” all within a couple hours – while in the midst of chatting up others and prepping for a date that evening.

Her texts were frequent once I sent the first one and after just a few she was asking “Can we talk later?”, “Can we”, “when will you be able to call me?”

By the time I got home from the date I’d been on with Country girl I was ready for bed, and had to explain to Kerry that it was late and I’d call the next day.

“Sweet dreams hun, can’t wait to hear your voice” came after a few messages of disbelief that I’d actually call her the following day, in which I had to convince her otherwise.

The following evening I called her up and was actually surprised by her coolness – she had a seductive voice sprinkled with witty sarcasm, funny jokes and realism.  This went well with her hot pictures that showed lots of cleavage, expensive dresses and style.

I was on board!

Our texts continued each day as did nightly phone calls.  In all honesty I liked chatting with her more than any of the others, but alas, things weren’t as good as they seemed.  First were the pictures, they ranged from slim bikini-clad poses from when she was likely 21 years old (31 at time of  interactions) and her body heft increased as the series went on, until the most recent one which was a head shot that showed a chubby arm in the way and no collar bone in sight.

Ever heard of the #1 dating profile picture rule for men?  If you can’t see her collar bone – she’s a fatty. (LOL, I am kidding,… sorta)

So okay, she wasn’t all that she used to be, but without actually meeting her how was I to know?  I was still set to meet her the following Saturday night.

There were 3 things that made me call this off, #1 was the pictures and #2 was when she told me that not only was she bi-polar, but she met with her shrink on a weekly basis – the last meeting, just the day before, had garnered her a week off work – because she wasn’t “well”.

Does that make you feel uncomfortable? She asked – “Oh no, its fine” I said, when really I was squirming.

I had dated a bi-polar chick back in my early 20’s and wanted nothing to do with another one, ever again.

Now the icing on the cake, a double whammy for you.  I went back into the dating site the night after we’d spoke on the phone the first time to re-ponder her picture cache, but her profile had been set to private.  I texted her asking why she’d hidden her profile and she responded with “Because I met someone ;)”

Ohh..  ok.

Then the one where I made my escape, the day before our date she texted me that her grandmother had died and that she couldn’t meet with me the day after.  I said I was sorry for her loss, and to take care and be well.

This was likely brought on by my apparent “quietness” during our last phone call, that she asked about no less than 4 times during the brief call, which I am thinking put her into chaos-mode.

The day after this I checked her Facebook and her profile picture had just been changed, smiley eyed and bushy tailed – seemed odd to do such a thing after such a loss.

We never spoke again, however she did try calling me a couple times, texting a few times and sent a final message through the dating site in attempts to re-engage with me.

Close call.





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