The Teacher (the interrogator)

30's dating

Blog #11

My initial goal when I started dating was to meet 10 girls, then take a step back and ponder what I’d learned (if anything).

Since I started this blog, I’ve decided to meet 30.  #8 so far was another teacher, which is odd because she was the second of 3 teachers in a row – and shared the same name, age and location as the one that followed her (that you’ll soon read about).

We’ll call this one Sara.

I believe she messaged me first, her pictures looked good, well traveled, educated and seemed quite pleasant, at least initially.

After the normal “who are you and what do you do” messages; I went for her number, and picked up the phone when I received it.  Right away she wasn’t what I was expecting on the phone.  Very docile, cautious, reserved – but would strike with off the cuff questions that were frankly none of her business (at this stage).  I sensed something off when I brought up the idea of a walking date and she shot back “You think we’ll make it that far” (walking, after having coffee).

I said, “Uhh yeah, why wouldn’t we”

Keep in mind, as you probably already know, I don’t run out on dates, no matter how bad they are, but this girl had been through some bad ones, I just didn’t know if she ran out on them, or they ran out on her.

The headline on her dating profile was something along the lines of “Its impossible to meet a match online” – so use your own judgement.

She lived about an hour away from me, so we agreed to meet halfway – no way was I going all the way to her with such slim chances for success, even when I have friends that live in her town.

I got to the spot early and she pulled up behind me soon after.  We got out and met in the street, quick hug and headed into the cafe, small talk ensued as we ordered our treats and pulled up seats..

As I drank my milkshake she slowly started prying, again, as she had on the phone.  So when did your parents divorce?  “ohh, hmmm” – “and what affect did that have on you as a child” – No affect, I was young, mom and dad deserve to be happy, no? I replied.

I stick handled my way through 3-4 more interrogation type questions regarding my siblings before making a loud slurping noise as I’d reached the bottom of my milkshake and blurted out “So you wanna go for a walk?”

Which she agreed to.

We went around the block once, I tried to keep the chat civil while she kept prying away at other things – I am still unsure how she figured out my rent was double what hers was, or how she found out my exact birthdate.  Was this chick a high school teacher or CIA?

When we got back to our cars she said “shall we call it a day” – I said yes, we had a quick hug, got in our cars and drove off.

I didn’t really know what to think, she wasn’t attractive (to me) and really came across as just….brash.

She sent me a text later that night, “You’re a great guy, but I didn’t feel a connection”

Gee, ya think?

I said it was nice meeting her and wished her well on her continued search, contemplating telling her to chill out with the personal questions, but, I’ll let her figure that one out on her own.




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