Sales girl #2 (death in the family)

30's dating stories

Blog #18

Sales girl #2 sent me a message first and we quickly got into an instant back and forth conversation about various things – most being her strict requirements for a potential match.  She had one of those profiles that lists the things the guy has to do or have and not so much actually about her.

There would be no “endless back and forth e-mails” nor would she allow me to ask for any additional photos of her (something I never do anyway) and she wanted to meet quick to see if there was anything worth pursuing.

Fine by me…but I was definitely dealing with a hot head that had been through some bad online dating experiences.

We sent 5-6 messages back and forth through the dating site before night fell and I didn’t get a response from her to my last one, I figured she’d get back to me the next day and left it at that.

The next day I never heard from her, but the day after I was notified that she had “noticed me in her daily matches” (liked my picture among other guys pictures) but still no response from her to my last message.

A couple more days went by and still nothing – this was odd, we definitely had a great conversation the other day and its very rare for girls to just up and vanish like that after showing interest as she had.  Regardless I ended up chatting and dating others and eventually forgot all about sales girl #2.

..Until about 2 weeks later.

She sent me a message that there had been a death in her family that was pretty serious which was why she’d been absent and she was wondering if I was still interested in meeting for a coffee sometime.  I responded that I was very sorry to hear of her loss and that I would still love to meet her for a coffee – before asking how she was doing, really?

She said that her Dad had died last week from cancer.

I instantly began feeling very sorry for her, first off, she was clearly having issues dealing with what had just happened and was maybe looking for a date as an escape.  I said that if she’d like to get out of the house I would drive over to her area and meet her for a coffee.

She agreed and we’d meet in a few hours.

Of course I was wondering if she was lying about the death – but what 30 year old would lie about something like that?  No way…she’s clearly just looking for a change of scenery or more likely her fathers death hasn’t even hit her yet.

I drove over and got to the parking garage pretty early, we were meeting at 4:00 but I got a text from her at 3:45 that she was there and got good seats for us, I messaged her that I’d be there in a few minutes and walked over.

As I walked in I saw her sitting and looking pretty good, she welcomed me with a big smile and a hug, before pulling out her purse “I have some change for coffees” before I assured her that I could cover it with a nice laugh and told her to hold the seats while I went and got our drinks.

As I came back she quickly jumped into dialogue – which were mostly questions for me.

Keep in mind there was a 30-something woman sitting alone about 5 feet away clearly eavesdropping on every word  – to the point of looking at her while she asked a question and then directly at me for the answer.  This got extremely annoying.  Not only had I somehow landed in an interview-date, I may as well have been on camera too.  As her questions got more outlandish my answers got tamer, shorter and less focused.

Here I go again, anyone else would have bailed, but there was something about SG2 that I found extremely sexy – I wanted to curl up with her right there (even with the onlooker) and spend the rest of eternity peppering her entire luscious body with kisses.

The head attached to my shoulders said no, the other one said yes – this is not an easy battle, ladies.

Eventually the onlooker left and our conversation opened up greatly, but more “friendie” as we laughed and shared prior horror date experiences.  I knew I was cutting close to slamming myself into the friend zone but this girl has just lost her father and it’s really about making her feel better, not me, so I dove deeper.

Albeit very sexy, SG2 was dulling the moment with her know it all mantra about things, “No, I DO know, I am 30″ (exact quote) and every time she was misinformed or blatantly wrong about something I’d have to literally prove what the truth was in the most polite way possible.  She went on about 2-3 ex’s (big no-no), how she was such a city girl (recent, use to live in the country) and went on about her mediocre job.

I smiled, injected dialogue and just nodded my head.

She had said she’d better get going as she had a friend coming over for dinner, but it was one of those endings that just wouldn’t end.  Purse in lap, jacket on – purse back on table, jacket undone, a few times.

I then got up and said “shall we” and we both exited the cafe and faced each other on the sidewalk – I gave her a big hug (which I think she thought was going to be a big kiss), told her she should take some time to herself and not run back to work so fast.  Take some time to herself, get away, do something fun, relax, whatever.  I even said dating right now probably isn’t the best idea, but told her she had my number and can call me if she ever needs someone to talk to – she melted when I said that and she told me I was “so nice”.  I told her she was a sweetheart and to have a good night, as I turned and went for my car.

I was initially going to wait 2-3 days to send her anything but I figured under the unique circumstances I’d message her the next morning, which I did, by simply asking her “So what did you think”

About 30 minutes later I got a reply stating that she sensed a strong “friendship vibe” from me but I was such a great guy.

I politely told her I enjoyed our conversation and to take care and be well 🙂

That was it.


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