Bowling Date #1

bowling date

Blog #20

This weeks two dates were quite similar in activity and demographic – but oh boy were the girls ever different.

Date #1 (D1) and I had tossed a few messages back and forth over the duration of a few weeks and I don’t think there were even more than 5 messages sent in total.  She was 35, professional job, highly educated and pretty snarky.

After a long delay in the last messages we had sent I noticed she had posted a couple new pictures of herself, to which I went and commented that I liked one of them.

She responded “Thanks, perhaps we can talk on the phone soon” – and within 10 minutes we were chatting.

This girl was an experienced (serial) dater “I’ve been doing this for years” she told me.  I then asked how many dates she’d been on in 2014 and she proudly said 10, like it was a badge of honor.  She then asked me how many I’d been on and I told her I’d been on 15 in just 2 and a half months – to which she took surprise.  I truthfully assured her that I wasn’t out serial fornicating these women, hell, I wasn’t even kissing them on the lips!  I was just meeting them to see if anything long term was there.

This quickly escalated into a hilarious “who had been on the worse date” discussion before agreeing to meet up a few days later at a bowling alley to have some fun.

I pulled in beside her in the parking lot and we greeted each other there.  She really, really, stared at me long – like a deer caught in the headlights (which she would later explain why).  Within a few minutes we were bowling, and it was like World War 3 between us!  I knew we were alike after our phone call, and you know what happens when people are similar – they either love each other, or hate each other.  This was leaning toward hate.

Her “Get off the damn platform, its my turn”

Me “You suck”

We’ve known each other all of 12 minutes at this point, by the way.

She eeked out a win on the lanes, so I steered us over to the car racing video games and took her to school there, it was 1-1 and the date was only an hour in.

I said we’d have to do something else, and she suggested going for coffee, so off we went, me following her.

The coffee bit was good as she calmed down a bit and I got to see a little more of the real her.  She had also confessed that I apparently looked identical to one of her uncles (hence the earlier staring).  We parted ways in the parking lot after a long hug while expressing how much fun the date had been.  I left there happy – it was a good date, she kept me on my toes and even asked me to text her when I got home.

The thing is, I was happy simply because the “date” had gone well but not because I truly thought I’d met my literal match.

I did text her when I got home (still in date-blur mode) to which she responded that she had fun and “you can’t go wrong with balls and hot dogs” (what we ate) and then I said we’ll have to do it again sometime.

– No response to that from her, and the morning after I noticed she was already back on the dating site (admittedly, so was I) and it was then that I let go of D1.  We did have fun that night, but that was it in the life of a couple serial daters.

I met another mid 30’s girl for bowling and coffee just 3 days later and you can read about that one next..







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