The Banker


Not long after I began chatting with the VP, I also stumbled upon a late 30’s banker which I honestly didn’t have the highest hopes for.  She had a very bleak dating profile that only had one picture and I got the vibe that she put it together in about 5 minutes.  We sent a few notes back and forth and then went right for the date – no phone call involved.  The date itself had to be delayed by a week as she was in Europe on business but she messaged me the day she got back and we set our meeting for Saturday afternoon drinks – this one caught me by total surprise.

We met on the sidewalk and as she came walking up to me it was apparent she was looking far better than her picture had led me to believe, her body was fantastic as well and we went into the pub for round #1.

Chemistry was instant, conversation flowed endlessly and it wasn’t long before we decided to get out of there and go somewhere else.  We ended up on a romantic roof-top patio and ordered drinks and several hors d’oeuvres.  We then ended up on a couch together and just continued chatting (and flirting) until the sun went down.  We left that place and went exploring again until we found a spot with live music – good live music – $15 each cover charge live music, which she abruptly paid as I only had debit.  She also got the drinks inside.

We stayed there for around 2 hours (now around 1am, date started at 7pm) and we decided we better call it a night.  On the way to the live music we had passed by her place and she described it to me in full detail.  I responded “And you aren’t going to show it to me?” – Her: “Nope!”

She was a good girl.

On the way back, again in deep conversation, she stopped and said “Well this is me” as we were standing in-front of her place.  We tightly hugged, kissed, hugged again, kissed again and then hugged again.  Her clearly beginning to go weak in the knees – knowing the front door was right there, but she held her guns “I am going inside and you are going home” and with that we told each other how much fun the night had been and parted ways for the evening.

When I arrived back home I had a text from her again thanking me and letting me know how nice our evening was together, and I sent one back relaying the exact same message to her.  I let a couple of days go by and then asked her out again this coming weekend and she agreed…

To be continued….


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