The VP


I think the largest benefit of being an early 30’s dater means I can date girls in their 20’s and 30’s and my past few dates have all been with women over 35.  These ladies are highly established, have killer jobs, chic apartments, nice cars and in this case a house with a pool – and none of them have any kids.

My first foray into dating established women is with a mid-thirties high-ranking VP and I have to say it was from this experience that I’ve now been aiming for more of these well communicative, money-laden and just straight up fun to be with people.  She’s not clingy, not a ticking time bomb for children and brings a sense of ease with her that none of the younger girls can touch.

After a little date-site back and forth we spoke on the phone and it went very well and from there we set our date for a couple of drinks at a nice spot half-way between my place and hers.  We met and hit it off right away, she had wine, I drank beer and before we knew it we were setting up another date in the parking lot a few hours later.  In addition to this she also wants my business services for her company, stating earlier in the date “this just turned into a job interview”.  We have been in touch since the date but haven’t been able to line up our busy schedules for a second meeting, but we will be soon.

To be continued..




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