The Girl with No Pictures


Sometimes being a nice guy bites me in the ass.  A little while ago I received a message on match from a picture-less profile inquiring about something that was written in my profile.  I’ve had these before and if the message from the photo-less dater is weak, I just hit delete, but this time I took the bait as the note had substance.

I responded calling her “mystery woman” and she replied that she indeed had pictures she could send, just that for employer related purposes she chose not to have any on her profile.  I said sure, send them over to my email and a few minutes later they were there.  She said “Here are my pictures, let me know if you think we should still chat :)”

Now how the hell can I not respond to that?

The pics were alright – plain Jane to be precise.  Me knowing she was hitting refresh on her browser every 30 seconds looking for a reply, with only her total and complete dignity at stake; I only had a few minutes to make what could be a life long decision – so I sent a reply “Nice pics” along with some accompanying message that started a fury of prompt responses from her.

Her pics were good enough that if everything else lined up we could have something, but out of 10 requirements , only 3 were lining up.  I went for the call and that 3 elevated to a 6 but it started hovering down around the 3 mark when she would make this highly annoying laugh at the end of each sentence. Think of a high-pitched “hehehehehehehehee”.

I felt like Jerry Seinfeld.

Yet I had gone too far, and couldn’t turn back – “Let’s meet up”  – and that meet was earlier tonight.

At first glance I was alright with it, but as the date went on it just became more and more apparent that I should have just bailed way back when I first saw the pictures, or somewhere after the phone call.

I bought us a gourmet pizza and a couple cocktails, we chatted for two hours – her enjoying herself more than I – before my epic yawns induced us to head out.

Her: “Email me or call anytime, unless I scared you away hehehehehehe” – Me: Nooo, *laughs* have a great night! *kiss on cheek*

I feel bad, she’s sitting at home right now envisioning our future and I still have to tell her I am just not feeling it and good luck in your future endeavors.



3 thoughts on “The Girl with No Pictures

  1. I’ve noticed that when I date older (30s) men, there seems to be this obligation to give a “thanks, but no thanks” speech. I would sooooo much rather be ignored. If I don’hear back, whatever. I get it. I’m not saying blow her off. It’s just an interesting difference between age groups. Men my age just don’t respond. They also live with mom and play XBOX all day, though.


  2. I don’t live with mother but I do play xBox 😉
    I don’t trust people from picture-less profiles in the first place. Especially when they come out with excuses such as ” I am well known in my community…” Yeah? So what? Most dating sites have privacy settings anyway. POF is probably the best one for their filters as no one is allowed to message me without a picture attached.

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