The Experiment

I’ve just been on 3 recent dates – three recent dates where it didn’t really matter who messaged me, I would meet her. No judging or pre conceived notions allowed – I would meet whoever, and that is todays blog post…

The Writer

This one came from Match, and to be honest her pictures looked amazing.  If I had to sum her through her pictures it would be “beauty captured” and she was pretty cool in her notes and phone call.  We met and that let me know right away that her pictures had to have been at least 5 years old, it was still her but not the model version I’d seen online.  She was also in her late 30’s, and for me to date an older gal she’s going to have to be bang-on, and this one wasn’t.

Decent convo but not together enough, sketchy job, lived with mom – you get the idea.  She has sent me a couple emails after the fact and has told me to get in touch if I am ever in the area, but I am just not feeling it.

The Pilot

eHarmony, early 30’s, curvy, thick.

This one asked me to call in her first message on the dating site.  I responded with my number (hoping for some aimless texting) but the phone rang instead.  She was one of those “manly” women and had the trucker mouth to go along with it.  She ended up calling me 2-3 times before we even met, which is fine, old school even, but it seemed like she was talking to me as a replacement for someone else.

We met, VERY thick and curvy, VERY loud mouthed, VERY much like a woman who had grown up surrounded by men.

No thanks..

The Social Worker

eHarmony again, one picture (looked good), few messages, she pushed for the meeting right away and no phone call (big mistake).

I said I’d head over to her hood, and did she know of a bar we could meet at – she replied with 3 restaurants.  I pick the first one and say I’ll be there at 8pm on Friday..

I look the place up and its a high-end Italian joint – not first meeting material at all, but I stay the course, at least I’ll get a good dinner out of it.  I get a text from her 10 minutes early, she’s there already and at a table on the patio.  I head over..

She doesn’t look like the picture at all, VERY petite, extremely weird.  I tried, I really did, but after hearing her stumble for words and what not I lost interest.  However, she was all done up, at least 2 hours of make-up invested and she had a really nice dress on.  I don’t think this one went on many dates, if she did she wouldn’t have asked me to a 3rd date or 1 year anniversary Italian place.

I tell her to get whatever she wants, conversation was terrible, bill was $55, we parted.

I hope she enjoyed her food!

‘Til next time.


Oh yeah, experiment failed.






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