The Rebounders…


Over the many women I have met during this online dating tenure I can now sit back and analyze.  Certain patterns were the same with a few that I now realize were simply fresh out of relationships and on the rebound, hard.

The latest hammered my theory home.

She had sent me a note on match, she was gorgeous and I quickly engaged with her.  After a few messages we moved to texting and then set a date for the following Thursday evening.  I would park in her vacant parking spot that was in the underground at her condo and then we’d walk to a nearby place for a drink.

I let her know I had arrived and I awaited her to come downstairs and lead us into the underground parking.  As usual she wasn’t as hot as her picture but she was still very attractive, she hopped in, we parked the car and then made our way to a bar.

It had its (bad feeling) moments at the start but after 15-20 minutes we were deeply conversing, laughing and generally enjoying ourselves – but I still wasn’t sure what she thought.  Although the reddest of red flags popped up during our chat which was “Yeah its easier for you to park at my place, my ex use to park there, so its been vacant for around 2 months”

Ummm – what?

It truly put a damper on things for me but maybe it was a short term relationship or maybe she meant to say 2 years (yeah, right) but I was physically and mentally attracted to her so I didn’t pull the chute.  It started getting late so we decided to head back – me still not 100% sure was into me, but she seemed like it.  As we entered the parking garage we had the “well I really enjoyed myself” + hug which she followed up with “I really hope we can do this again”, which honestly caught me by surprise.  I said of course we could, just next time on a weekend and not a work night to which she agreed, thanked me and we parted.

I sent her a text on Saturday, she replied enthusiastically initially to the first, but not my second text which was a legit question – odd but this girl would go 24 hours sometimes for a reply so I thought nothing of it, then the day after I tried to set something up for the following weekend and was hit back with “I just don’t think we have enough in common to make this work, best wishes”

Her dating profile is also now set to private – met someone else?  Or just not ready to date yet??

Regardless, I’ve seen this behavior from other girls too and it always left me scratching my head on what caused the 180 and I think I found it, they’re on the rebound.


One thought on “The Rebounders…

  1. Online dating can be a series of upswings and let downs. My unsolicited advice after much experience with online dating is– just have fun and look at it as a good way to meet a lot of nice people. Out of all the guys I met online, most of them didn’t work out, one ended in a marriage which is ending in divorce and just about every single person I met was nice. I look back on those dates fondly. Sometimes I look back and think I wrote off a couple of guys too quickly, but what can you do? It’s nice to read a man’s perspective for a change. Good post!

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