The Cougar Rejection


For awhile there I thought it was advantageous to date women that were older than I.  Not incredibly older (I am 33), but ladies in the 35-38 age-range seem to like me (or I should say, seem to like my dating profile).  I had two of these on the go at the same time, one 36 and one 38, this is the story about the 36 year old.

The 36 year old made me her favorite on the dating site and liked a couple of my pictures and she was truly a knock-out in the looks department.  Our chats were playful and fun which quickly moved to daily texting.  I had gone for the meeting pretty early on, but she was always busy with work, family or “life”.  She almost lost me after we’d agreed on a time to phone each other, but all I got was a text “I haven’t forgotten about you, currently grabbing coffee with a friend after yoga”.

No “sorry I can’t chat tonight” – all I got was the message above.  Keep in mind, during this time I was head-over-heels with the build up date girl, so interest in this one was minimal at best by now anyway, which was around 2 or 3 weeks past our first chat – still no meet, and now not even a phone call.

However we did finally agree to meet on a Sunday afternoon for coffee (the day after the build up girl flop) and my hopes of anything more spectacular happening were very low indeed.  I got to the place a little late, parked the car, texted her that I was there and ran inside.

I looked around and saw nobody fitting her description..

I then went back out the parking lot and texted her “I think I am at the wrong location”

Turns out I was at the right location, she was up the road at the wrong one.  She said she’d drive down and meet me after apologizing..

This was when a new white BMW pulled in, it was her, and she was even more gorgeous in person.  We went inside, chatted for hours, laughed and had fun before being told the place was closing and we had to leave.  During out chats she had suggested second date ideas, and I quickly agreed to them.

Then in the parking lot she asked not once, but twice, “we’re going to stay in touch right?”

Me: “YES!”

I left there on cloud nine – could this be the one I’ve been waiting for?  She was hot as hell, cool as hell, had a killer job, own home, nice car, we got along awesome – I was literally ecstatic.

Two days later we were texting again, just as playful as we had been before and I asked to meet up with her again the following weekend.  She said that it was too early to make a call on that as she had family visiting from Europe and she’d likely end up showing them around.  We texted back and forth a few more times and then one day she didn’t respond.

I didn’t really think anything of it – she was indeed way busier than I was and also had family visiting.  We didn’t text for over a week, and my gut told me this wasn’t good, so I sent the “feeler text” to see where things stood.  “Hey you, did you have a good weekend?”

And I got back what I pretty much expected – I am a great guy, easy to talk to but she’d met a guy a week after me and felt he was a better match than I was, and to take care and be well”

I didn’t respond – but I don’t believe her either.  She had told me about using that excuse during our date regarding a guy that was begging her for a chance and wouldn’t stop sending her messages.   I was also just on the dating site to delete her messages and saw that she’s been on today as well.  Why be on there if you’ve just met your epic soul mate a week earlier?

Better yet – how could you go from 2nd date ideas and begging to stay in touch to pretty much “leave me alone”.

I’ll never know – but the fact that she was divorced might have something to do with it


7 thoughts on “The Cougar Rejection

  1. Sorry, but I find this post a little offensive. You’re 33. Dating a woman 3 years older than you doesn’t make her a “cougar” neither does dating a woman 5 years older than you. If you were 23 and the woman was 26, would that make her a “cougar”? I believe a cougar is a hot older woman who tends to like hot 20 something guys. And finally, what does her being a divorcé have anything to do with anything. Dude, she just wasn’t that into you. Don’t make excuses.


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