Online Dating – Part 2

30's dating

30’s dating

Yes, I am back – reluctantly.

The last fling fizzled out after just a few months – the initial appeal worked into  “Uhhh we have zero in common, and uhh, you’re a needy mo-fo” (I said it, not her….really)

So yes, I fired up the dating sites again, but this time more experienced, and with less time as I have a new job that simply dictates such.

Same action thus far on the sites, but I am far pickier – I really have no time to wine and dine anyone that doesn’t dazzle me with either looks or wit first.  And those wits and looks better turn into real intellect or some other form of attraction that initiates me to blow a Friday or Saturday evening on a meet-up.

Stay tuned – this might get good


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