The Idiot


This is too funny not to share, a girl and I had been messaging back and forth on Match every couple days for about a week or so.  She then tells me that Match sucks and she’d better give me her number so we can stay in touch because her account is running out and she won’t be renewing it (very common).  I say sure, send it over and she does.

About 6 hours later I send her a text – saying its me by my name and asked her how she was doing and does she want to get together on Friday for a drink or a coffee.  She replies within 10 seconds “Hey sweetness!!! 🙂 – sorry but I am busy this weekend”

Then texts again, “want to share pics?”

I am now starting to think this is odd…she’s already seen my pictures on Match and I am a “meet and see” guy, not one to play stupid text message games – if I can help it.

Then she says “Can you refresh my memory on what your screen name is?”

Then “you from OK Cupid?”

I am flabbergasted at this point and delete her texts and number and have a laugh – she had given me her number earlier that day, addressed me by my name on Match for a week – and still had no clue who I was.

Best part?  She was a teacher.




5 Dating Profile Pictures Women Need To Get Rid Of

The Tandem skydive pic

7480-largest_skydivingI’ll ask you – is this attractive, in any way shape or form?  The answer is no, its so many kinds of wrong that I wont even bother elaborating

The Picture, With Some Guy Or Other Females

Recess University LMU Kappa Alpha Theta Spring Formal 2014 BardoWho the hell is that guy!?  Doesn’t matter if he’s your brother either it sends the wrong message.  Better yet, don’t use photos with anyone in them besides yourself

The Cross Fit or Tough Mudder Picture

tuff-mudder-badPersonal achievement, sure – sexy or attractive?  Not a chance.

The Head Shot – and Only Head Shots

headshot“Body type – average, trust me”

The Glam Shot – That You Do Not Look Close To In Real Life

30's datingHi, Nice to meet you, quick question…who are you?  These are so common that it’s become an epidemic.