5 Dating Profile Pictures Women Need To Get Rid Of

The Tandem skydive pic

7480-largest_skydivingI’ll ask you – is this attractive, in any way shape or form?  The answer is no, its so many kinds of wrong that I wont even bother elaborating

The Picture, With Some Guy Or Other Females

Recess University LMU Kappa Alpha Theta Spring Formal 2014 BardoWho the hell is that guy!?  Doesn’t matter if he’s your brother either it sends the wrong message.  Better yet, don’t use photos with anyone in them besides yourself

The Cross Fit or Tough Mudder Picture

tuff-mudder-badPersonal achievement, sure – sexy or attractive?  Not a chance.

The Head Shot – and Only Head Shots

headshot“Body type – average, trust me”

The Glam Shot – That You Do Not Look Close To In Real Life

30's datingHi, Nice to meet you, quick question…who are you?  These are so common that it’s become an epidemic.


6 thoughts on “5 Dating Profile Pictures Women Need To Get Rid Of

    • I got tricked big time last week by a girl and I don’t know how she did it. All pics looked fine, she looked hot. I meet her at the place and she’s honest to god 250-300 pounds – she even sent me a warning text a few hours before, saying she was nervous and not “a slender woman”. I thought, what’s the big deal? The pics look fine – apparently not! I am thinking she used photo shop.

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  1. I had one beer, got the check, wished her a merry Christmas and bailed. Never heard from her again – I don’t know why they post fake/old pictures. There are guys out there that like that, they may as well appeal to someone that likes that and not do this crap.

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  2. Haha you should read my very first post. Surprised you didn’t mention the picture with the kid that isn’t theirs. I see that all the time with the same disclaimer: “not my kid it’s my niece/nephew.” Yet they still insist on posting it.


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