The Idiot


This is too funny not to share, a girl and I had been messaging back and forth on Match every couple days for about a week or so.  She then tells me that Match sucks and she’d better give me her number so we can stay in touch because her account is running out and she won’t be renewing it (very common).  I say sure, send it over and she does.

About 6 hours later I send her a text – saying its me by my name and asked her how she was doing and does she want to get together on Friday for a drink or a coffee.  She replies within 10 seconds “Hey sweetness!!! 🙂 – sorry but I am busy this weekend”

Then texts again, “want to share pics?”

I am now starting to think this is odd…she’s already seen my pictures on Match and I am a “meet and see” guy, not one to play stupid text message games – if I can help it.

Then she says “Can you refresh my memory on what your screen name is?”

Then “you from OK Cupid?”

I am flabbergasted at this point and delete her texts and number and have a laugh – she had given me her number earlier that day, addressed me by my name on Match for a week – and still had no clue who I was.

Best part?  She was a teacher.




6 thoughts on “The Idiot

  1. She was obviously talking to multiple guys at once and got confused about which one you were. I don’t think that necessarily classifies as stupidity, I think it’s just a case of being disorganized with her dating prospects. Either way, you are probably better off not pursuing her.


    • Totally, goes without saying. I’ll add that this one was another indication to me that there is a distinct possibility that average looking girls get far less action on the paid sites, yet get their in-boxes blown up on the freebie sites. I met another one a week before that was also not re-newing her Match account, and she later indicated that nobody was messaging her. “I get more guys asking me out on LinkedIn than on Match!” – her words.

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  2. Oh my goodness! I’m so used to experiencing and hearing the female side of things (from reasonable women), that it’s actually kind of a consolation to hear that men experience and are annoyed by some of the same ridiculous behaviour.

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    • I see where you’re coming from, but a bot wouldn’t have had a local number – and would have spammed the shit out of me after I texted it. This was just a silly girl with 15 different guys on the go and couldn’t keep up.

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