Dating After Finally Understanding Women


A few months ago I raised a white flag and officially went looking for dating help.  I’d been on 40-something dates and had very little to show for it.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while seeking different results, so yeah, I was technically insane and it was time to do something about it.

I went looking for videos and articles made by dating coaches and found a wealth of information about female attraction characteristics.  Lets just say after months of studying and research I can barely go back and read my old posts due to how poorly I had been going about it.  I will get into what I learned another time, but right now I’d like to share some of my results from 5 dates after learning this incredibly powerful information.  Keep in mind, before this I rarely could ever get a 2nd date if I did like the chick, but even wanting a 2nd date was rare because I really had no idea what I wanted.

Girl #1

She pulled into the parking lot in her black Mercedes, we were meeting for a coffee and I was excited to try what I had learned.  Around two hours later we were back in the parking lot and she’s throwing second date ideas at me like confetti.  I should have gone for the kiss (a first date must), but honestly I wasn’t really feeling it and decided there I wasn’t going to be seeing her again.  After 4 days of silence on my behalf, she sent me a text asking if I was interested in seeing her again.  Hmmm…  Maybe I am onto something here, but I need to test this out on more women to be certain.

Girl #2 

I picked her up at her place, and we’d drive to a coffee shop for the date.  In line she was standing very close to me, bumping into me and touching – all good signs.  When seated she was leaning forward, listening carefully and playing with her hair non-stop.  Then she was seated in her chair sideways with her legs over the armrest, showing she was comfortable.  When we pulled back up to her place there were a couple of solicitors knocking at her door, and when they finally headed down the sidewalk she said she had a great time and hopped out and gave me a big wave as I drove away.  No kiss, rookie mistake, but all the signs were there.  I waited 3-4 days and sent her a text asking when she’d like to get together again and I got something back along the lines of “we can’t see each other again”.  A dating expert would say this was because I didn’t go for the kiss, its important because it shows I am interested, and if you get the cheek, you walk and not waste anymore time.  Cheek means she isn’t into you, or has some silly rule about only doing certain things after a certain amount of dates / time – a structured robot, no thanks.

Let me try this again…

Girl #3

We met up at a bar and right off the bat she wasn’t who I thought I was originally meeting, this chick looked like she was the bartender at a biker bar.  However I couldn’t waste an opportunity to test my new skills.  After just 20 minutes she was suggesting 2nd date ideas in abundance.  When was I going to be in her part of town next, if we can work out together at the gym in my condo building, other neat places to grab a drink and so forth.  2 out of 3 ain’t bad.  But I wouldn’t be seeing her again regardless.

Girl #4

You can read about this one in the post below called Are You Kidding Me whom bailed on me after 3 good dates due to ex drama.  On the first date she asked for a 2nd halfway through and on the 2nd asked for a 3rd and 4th.

Girl #5

We met at a pub, she also suggested multiple 2nd dates starting halfway through the date and right out into the parking lot as I gave her a peck on the cheek before she hopped into her car.  This one came across as not genuine enough, almost like she was reading a script or something, and after I’d tell her something, even mundane, it would be followed by her going “wow, incredible, wow, amazing” over, and over and over.  I won’t be seeing this one again either.

The first thing I can tell you is stop watching modern romantic movies and thinking that’s how you are supposed to court women, it’s the exact opposite!  The people who make that garbage clearly know nothing about women and its been confusing men for decades.  These movies preach how to scare a woman away, while movies made in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s actually had it right where the man was a man, and the women did what they had to do to grab said mans attention and attraction.

Yes, women are supposed to chase men after the man facilitates it – not the other way around.

3 more tests coming right up




9 thoughts on “Dating After Finally Understanding Women

  1. Nooooo. We don’t want to chase you guys. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we don’t want it to be too easy either, but it should be a subtle game of cat and mouse in the beginning and only in the beginning. Not a hair pulling, stressful, does he/doesn’t he like me situation. That eventually becomes a turn off. And nobody wants to still be playing those games once in a relationship! But you are correct that men should definitely facilitate.


    • After a good first date with me, you’ll know I am into you – but I wont be blowing up your phone just hours after, or be approval seeking or needy like every other guy. Womens feelings need to bake, guys are microwaves. The flat truth is if more guys knew this there would be less singles and a lower divorce rate. The mentality doesn’t stop after getting the girl, it goes on for decades after forming a strong, true and loving long term marriage. Courting and skewed-schedule dates need to be commonplace for the life of the relationship, not just at the beginning.

      As I said in the post – movies made by guys (and girls) that don’t know female attraction have ruined it. Notice that your grandparents never divorced but everyone after them did??? 🙂

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  2. Hi, i’ve read all the first’s page posts of your blog And like it! Dobyou recommend any any particular blog or vllogger for dating coaching?



  3. Ahaha thought you sounded like Corey in there. The kissing part I mean.

    But I have to disagree with you and you the Coach; even if I like the guy -and the dates been full of fireworks- I wouldn’t kiss him on the first date. (What’s the rush?) Maybe that’s just me making sure I don’t get taken for a ride (why buy the milk and something about a free cow)

    Don’t get me wrong. I certainly did my first date kissing when I was younger, but look what that got me. . . . . . . *tumbleweed blows by*


    • Its more or less a general rule, I had a date yesterday and there was no kiss – no touching at all actually (played pool). Now I am wondering if I should even send her a text in a couple days, as my gut tells me there might be nothing there (even though it was a decent time). If I had gone for the kiss, and she cheeked me – I’d have my I think that is the main reason why Corey preaches it.


      • Hmm. I guess that’s fair. I guess it’s the easiest way to gage how the date actually went from both parties perspectives.

        Maybe I should have done it the other night –then I wouldn’t be stuck in limbo right now. . . *tumbleweed circles back around*


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