Another Test – The Old Fashion Way


A friend and I recently went out for wings and ended up with a little cutie of a waitress.  My buddy was naturally being witty and fun with her to the point she said our antics had been the highlight of her day – so the writing was on the wall.

This wasn’t about me though, my buddy has had a long-standing negative self-image of himself, so much as stating “girls don’t like me”.  Being overweight and bald might not help his thoughts in this department and I knew what could literally be a life changing experiment right here, so I started to set it up.

“Dude, this chick likes you, do what I say and I guarantee she’ll give you her number”

I was hit back with laughter and a crazy look  along with “there’s no way in hell that little rocket is going to give me her number”

He, 35, her 23 and was one of those chicks that posts pics of her perfectly shaped ass all over instagram and gets eleventy billion likes – one of those gym bunny chicks with a succulent body.

He wasn’t going to do it until I bet him $20 that she would indeed give him her number, he, as a safety net, agreed to the bet and called it a “social experiment”

It was on – all he had to say the next time she came to our table:

“Hey xxxxxx I think you are super cool and extremely gorgeous, how about you give me your number so I can take you out sometime”

She came to the table, he said it, and you could tell she had never been hit with such a confident pick up ever, and as I knew, pulled out a pen and wrote down her number for him.  As she was doing this I looked at him and he had the biggest look of shock on his face…..

We paid and collected ourselves out on the sidewalk – he was ecstatic, disbelief.  All those years seeing women give the signs but either not acting on them, or acting wrongly about them smacked him in the face all in a few minutes.  This wasn’t an easy scenario either.  Hot waitresses get hit on all day at their jobs, so their guards are up (much like a group of women at a club) as opposed to a setting with no guard, like a grocery store or mall etc.

I am sure this had been the biggest shot of confidence he’d experienced in years.   I told him how to handle the texting (don’t) and wait 3 days before setting up the date – let her feelings bake for a few days.  This worked wonders, you should see some of the pictures she was sending him of herself (!!!).

So that is all, for now.  Oh and I told him I didn’t want the $20, use it on his date with her.


5 thoughts on “Another Test – The Old Fashion Way

  1. Thanks and likewise. I’m planning to go back through your archives and start from the beginning soon. Maybe that’ll be my Xmas reading.


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