The 25 Year Old

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While my preference is of the ages of 30-36 I was almost surprised to see a message from a seriously gorgeous 25 year old smoke-show last week.  Whilst my gut told me “dude, who are you kidding?” I just had to go through with it – isn’t this what guys are supposed to dream of?

The younger, hotter, firmer – all the above – woman?  Keep in mind I prefer 30’s  age group for serious reasons – like minded conversation, life goals, aspirations and similar life experiences – it just makes things gel.

Sure, let’s try this 10 years younger vixen, anyway.

We ended up parking beside one another, in the rain.  I jumped out and popped my $40 umbrella (long story from a date last summer, caught in the rain – only option, never used it since) and we both huddled below it.  She “May I?” as she looped her arm though mine as we walked to the cafe.

Unfortunately, that was the best part.

She quickly showed her decade-my-youngst in her actions, dialogue and – bullshitting.

Yes, straight up bullshit stories, like I couldn’t see through this as a plague.

“Oh the cop pulled us over, I yelled for his badge, and he asked if I was in law (paralegal) and he backed off and let us all go.


After the 4th or 5th horseshit story I barked “Well do you wanna get outta’ here?”

Her: – Where to?

Me: – Home.

Umbrella up – no arm loop, she was pissed.

‘Till next time.






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