The Flaky Tester Part 2

30s dating

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We met at  a place and time she chose – a requirement for the person that cancels two previous dates – set by the other person.

She was on time and was inside grabbing a seat when I sent her a text saying I was in the parking lot, parking.

She was certainly pretty, just like her pictures portrayed, but that 15lb warning was closer to 25, perhaps even 30 and she was fully covered up,  All black, black cardigan that made sure to cover the best part – her ass.  Why do girls do this?  This is like advertising a Lamborghini online – and then I get there and its covered in a tarp except for the headlights and a bit of the hood.  Let me see that body – it’s part of MY decision process and how enthusiastic I’ll be on the date!!

We start chatting and she is quite serious, a little naturally jaded, even mentions the 15lbs and then gets into all the things you aren’t supposed to do on a first date.  She brings up her ex.  Not only that, she asks me about mine – so now we’re both talking about our ex’s.  Then work, how bad her current work situation sucks, more negativity for the pile.

The negativity kept on rolling, how bad the health care system is, wait times, DRAMA! (She had “No drama here” on her profile)

She had a glass of wine, I had two pints of Stella.

We had some things in common no doubt, even after I pecked her on the cheek and hugged in the parking lot I even strongly considered contacting her again – but after waiting 3 days – no thanks.  All I can remember from our date was her negativity, and shady behavior before we even met.

Want to know the funniest part?  She told me she has a side hustle as a dating profile writer with lots of clients.

uh huh.


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