Elite Singles Review


Today ends a 6 month run on elite singles – which was only intended to be 3 months, but just like eHarmony, unless you jump through several hoops and have certain things checked off – along with an email to a rep from their company! – they just automatically renew you.

That said, let me tell you about the website.

It sucks.

Just like any paid online dating program, its loaded with free or trial profiles that cannot see or read messages from paying subscribers.  Freebies also cannot post pictures of themselves, so at any given moment 80% of your matches have no pictures.  There were also a very healthy amount of blatantly fake profiles.  Model-like pictures and poorly cut and pasted descriptions, or none at all.

If someone real does sign up and post a picture it goes into your “messages”.  So now when you log in you may have 5-10 messages, but all they are is pictures of random women.  I assume they put these into your message section because they are so happy that someone besides you actually signed up and paid for this garbage.

In 6 months I met a staggering three women from there.  #1 was the “are you kidding me” rebounder.  #2 was a cute engineer, I showed her how to play pool for the very first time but there was absolutely nothing between us.  #3 was a bubbly cutie from the east-end on her very first online date – I didn’t have the heart to tell her she picked a terrible site.  After the date she told me she could tell I wasn’t feeling it.  I wished her the best, I probably should have kept her around as a friend – she was actually really cool.

But besides that – on Match I’ve met the same amount of girls in a single week and you can actually search for what you want, not wait for a handful of matches each day that have no pictures and or are fake.

Final thoughts – it’s a half-baked clunky website depending on TV commercials and marketing.  I do not recommend it, at all.  I live in a big city and there was nobody on it, so if you live in a smaller town don’t even bother.

As always I physically deleted all my pictures before clicking the “delete profile” button, because I am sure – just like eHarmony – they continue to shop your profile around even after your subscription has lapsed.  To read about my eHarmony review click here.



Second Thoughts On Those We Rejected….


She was perfectly fine, a partner at a law firm and owned several horses.  Looks wise she was what we call a 7 out of 10.  The problem was that I was still crushing hard on the blonde that had just abruptly left because her former BF of 10 years had gotten hitched not long after they split.

Man, even in the parking lot when I went to kiss her on the cheek she went for my lips.


Its been too long – I never called her back, I deleted her number, all her texts and any remnants of her on match and kept looking – but I’ve never found one as good.  Even a good friend of mine lambasted me for screwing the pooch on that one.  “You must be an expert judge of character to call it quits after just one date”.

And he was exactly right..

Any attempt to contact her would be a disrespectful lie on my behalf.  “Oh, so sorry, I was busy”  – but she’s seen me active on match damn near daily since.

There has been others too, hell, one from about 3 weeks ago.  We were to meet at a coffee shop, I got there first – just as the place was closing.  I waited outside and was laughing as she walked up with the current status.  Turns out neither one of us had eaten dinner yet so we ended up at a Thai place close by and we had a very fun, chatty and romantic date.  I deleted her number too.

Is this a sign that I am getting closer, or more stupid?



The Brunette Part 3


After date #2 it was agreed that date #3 was in her hands – I had paid both times and she had issue with that “You can’t keep covering the bill” she said at the end of date 2.  She also said she was free the following Sunday (two days later) but “not this late” which is normal for someone who actually has to get up early in the morning ( I am not part of that club).

The day after she texted me with the location, for brunch.  Daylight savings hit the night before and I physically watched my clock skip from 2am to 3am – and I’d have to be up by 9 to meet her at noon.

I think I got about 3 hours of sleep, but before I knew it I was greeting her on the street in-front of the brunch place.

Right away I could tell she was different.

The prior two dates she was very feminine and submissive – but now that she was in charge she took a very masculine and direct approach to things.  We sat and picked up where we left off two nights ago, but by the third date we still hadn’t cracked through each others surface.  It was still just small talk BS.  Anyone in a true relationship knows this – that moment when you peer into each others soul and speak to it – yet here we were still talking about home prices, traffic and animals.

She scarfed her food down in about 5 minutes – which led me to believe that she held off eating breakfast  which helped fuel her “difference” from before.  She was hangry.

After brunch we exited onto the chilly street and went to get tea.  She had already complained about the cold on our way to brunch, and she clearly wasn’t dressed for it, so I suggested we stay in the tea shop, grab a cozy seat and chat.  She was down, but there were no seats – so out onto the street we went.

Almost like it was a set-up, we ran into a couple she knew just as we exited the tea place.  I shook the guys hand and made small talk with the female.  As we left them she said “oh they are always trying to set me up with guys, I am going to get a text from them any minute”.  She indeed introduced me to them with gusto and I could tell she was showing off that she was with a guy.

We strolled around the block a few times and then decided to end the date.  We kissed as usual and both agreed to set something up for the next weekend, she said she’d text me.  Its Thursday and I’ve heard nothing.

I knew as I drove away from there that things were seriously off from before and knew in my gut that this fling was over.  My mistakes were going on date #3 just two days after date #2 (need a week between) and you also never go on day-time dates, especially  on something as important as a third date.  Dates are supposed to be at night-time, an opportunity for sex to happen – not a cold ass walk.

But the true issue here was running off attraction only and very little in common – it led things to sputter, spit and die out.  If we end up in communication again I’ll give it another go but the intention will be to crack the surface….

The Brunette Part 2


The date was set as a late dinner, 8:30pm, in a town between where we each reside.  The same as date #1, but rather than a pub where we met the first time, this time I made reservations at a pretty chic Italian joint.

I arrived early and found out parking close to the place was going to be tough.  One way streets, packed paid lots, dead ends, no parking zones etc.  After making a few rounds I luckily found a spot in an adjacent lot as someone was backing out.  I knew my date would likely not be so lucky.  Not that I really care, but it adds stress to an already semi-tedious situation and if it can be avoided, the date is just going to go better – from my experience.

As expected, I see her drive by, do a 57 point turn in the dead-end narrow street the place was on, so I ran over to her car and hopped in – “I know, I know, I just went through this, head that way” and relaxed the situation.  We found parking for her a few blocks away on a side street and walked to the place together.

That worked out well.

Surprisingly they had saved us a nice U-shaped booth – which brought laughter to both of us, as she reminded me, on our first date I requested a booth, they said fine, made us wait 10 minutes and then took us to a table and chairs – we both went “umm ok” as we sat.  This time we didn’t ask, and got the best seat in the house.

From there it was a fine second date, I learned more about her, she about me as we sipped white wine and nibbled on food for 3 hours.

We closed the place down – not even noticing this as we have pretty deep conversations and I love how she refuses to break eye contact with me, or stop talking, when an over zealous waitress keeps coming around – big brownie points.  Wait staff, if you know those two are on a date and into each other – stay away.

After being the only two remaining people we were basically asked to leave…  She attempted to pay the $80 bill but I’d have none of that – she said “I’ll get the next one” I said ok with a smirk..

On the way out she goes “I am going to freeze, especially my feet”.  She had open top? shoes, tight pants and a black leather jacket.  Onto the street she’s going “brrr” I am freezing, so I wrapped my left arm around her and rubbed up and down on her left arm to heat her up, she put her right arm around my waist and I walked her to her car.  And for good reason….

3/4 of the way and a drunk emerges from the darkness staring at us and he barks out”sexy” and even followed us for a few steps before heading off in another direction.  “Thank you for walking me to my car” she says, and then follows with “maybe he was meaning it for you when he said sexy” we laughed and got into the kissing and holding.  Then she says “I am enjoying getting to know you and am I going to see you again” I said yes, of course you are, when are you free next?  She says “Sunday”.  I say, do you want me to come to your town?  She says “Yes”.  We kiss some more, hug, I tell her to drive safe, she hops in and we part ways.

So there you have it – date 2.  Part 3 coming up!



Don’t “Chemistry” Yourself Off A Cliff

dating chemistry

“So sorry, I didn’t feel any chemistry”

How many of you have heard (or said) that in the online dating world?

Now – did you say, or even know about chemistry when you fell for your high school sweetheart or other organic relationships?  I am going to assume no – you likely fell over a period of time and different emotions.  This may have taken days, weeks or months – not a few notes passed across the classroom (texts) and one juice together (wine/beer) in the cafeteria (bar).

See where I am going with this?

I get it – and have lived it, first date fireworks are fucking awesome – but my organic relationships  lasted longer than my online ones – where literal nukes went off on the first dates in the form of “chemistry”.

So that said, I just want to say, don’t have so many crazy expectations for a first date – what you really want is compatibility, likeability and attraction.  If those things are met, yes, meet up again.


The Dirty Blonde Part 1


I almost forgot about this date, I made it on a whim with a girl I had barely been talking to on Match.  Light messaging and zero texting tends to cause that.

I almost cancelled it 3 times but for whatever reason, I decided to go through with it and meet her tonight.

Main reason I met with her was only because we were meeting very close to my place and it was convenient.   99.9% of the time I drive to them.

We met inside the bar and she was gorgeous!  Way better than her pictures, very chatty, funny and sexy.   She was also a car girl, that owns a few bikes too.  So I started revealing how cars are a major hobby of mine and a big part of my business.

3 hours later we were in the parking lot, she wanted to see my ride, so I tossed her the keys and told her to fire it up – she was intrigued when I told her it backfires really loud when you shift it just right.  She looked at me, eyes glowing, I said let’s go for a ride and closed her door and hopped in the passenger side.  She drove it like a maniac.

We pulled back to where she was parked, hugged, kissed, and then she blurted out “lets do this again?  Grab another drink sometime?  I said of course – as she headed towards her vehicle as she held my arm.

And then there were two…..

The Brunette Part 1


I had a TV in front of me from my seating position, as did she from hers, we had been seated at a 4 seat table and rather than sit across from me, she sat beside me.  We were already one drink deep when out of the corner of my eye I caught something on the TV about 50 shades of grey – and it took 100% of her attention – “Sorry, wow, I just saw something about 50 shades” – I’d keep this in mind for later.

We met on Match, she checked all the boxes, slender but curvy, about 5’6″, very sexy, well-traveled, very accomplished, confident, no kids, senior manager, multiple houses – the whole bit.

From the second we locked eyes once entering the pub it was extremely intense and we never stopped talking.  I knew this was a good date – no matter how rare they are.

About 1.5 hours deep she got up to go to the washroom, and she strutted her ass so well that it caught the attention of an older married guy at the table beside us.  He gave me the look – the “I am saddened by how hot she is, and how into you she is, and I am sitting here with my wife, boring friends and kid that won’t sit still” look.

I fucking loved it.

She came back, I had already paid some time before, our drinks long finished but we just kept talking, then I had to call it a night.  We headed into the parking lot and I walked her to her car – then we hugged and began kissing – I put both of my arms around her lower back, sunk my right wrist in and pulled it in with my left, pulling her into me with force – we kissed more, and more – then we pulled away, me still holding her in and I told her “you look fucking amazing” she gasped and got weak in the knees, I held her up by her ass, we kissed some more – then she said “we have to do this again” and I agreed.

She just texted me this morning thanking me and saying she had a great time and we have set date #2 for next Friday, a late dinner…


Part 2 soon.

The Dating Assembly Line


I look back at old posts on this blog and chuckle…  If I was to still make posts about every date I had, it would be akin to a worker at a car plant making a post about every new car that rolled off the line.

The dating assembly line.

I’ve tried to reel in the mediocrity of it all but it all ends up being more of the same.  As I tighten down my “standards” I seem to have attracted the same beings as I.  They too are in the same boat, we flirt, we laugh, we cheers – we part like opposed magnets.

Again, if dating sites were used to make friends I’d be able to fill a fucking football stadium by now for a simple birthday bash – but neither party is in it for friends – we’re in it to win it.

I am too lazy to look it up right now, but there is a famous line from someone in court over something porn related, and he was asked to describe it – he said, and I quote:

“I can’t explain it, but I know it when I see it”

Thus, is how we define a good date – or to put it better, “I know it when I feel it”

Those feels are rare – but they are an extremely powerful drug that all of us daters are in high pursuit of.