The Dirty Blonde Part 1


I almost forgot about this date, I made it on a whim with a girl I had barely been talking to on Match.  Light messaging and zero texting tends to cause that.

I almost cancelled it 3 times but for whatever reason, I decided to go through with it and meet her tonight.

Main reason I met with her was only because we were meeting very close to my place and it was convenient.   99.9% of the time I drive to them.

We met inside the bar and she was gorgeous!  Way better than her pictures, very chatty, funny and sexy.   She was also a car girl, that owns a few bikes too.  So I started revealing how cars are a major hobby of mine and a big part of my business.

3 hours later we were in the parking lot, she wanted to see my ride, so I tossed her the keys and told her to fire it up – she was intrigued when I told her it backfires really loud when you shift it just right.  She looked at me, eyes glowing, I said let’s go for a ride and closed her door and hopped in the passenger side.  She drove it like a maniac.

We pulled back to where she was parked, hugged, kissed, and then she blurted out “lets do this again?  Grab another drink sometime?  I said of course – as she headed towards her vehicle as she held my arm.

And then there were two…..


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