Don’t “Chemistry” Yourself Off A Cliff

dating chemistry

“So sorry, I didn’t feel any chemistry”

How many of you have heard (or said) that in the online dating world?

Now – did you say, or even know about chemistry when you fell for your high school sweetheart or other organic relationships?  I am going to assume no – you likely fell over a period of time and different emotions.  This may have taken days, weeks or months – not a few notes passed across the classroom (texts) and one juice together (wine/beer) in the cafeteria (bar).

See where I am going with this?

I get it – and have lived it, first date fireworks are fucking awesome – but my organic relationships  lasted longer than my online ones – where literal nukes went off on the first dates in the form of “chemistry”.

So that said, I just want to say, don’t have so many crazy expectations for a first date – what you really want is compatibility, likeability and attraction.  If those things are met, yes, meet up again.



7 thoughts on “Don’t “Chemistry” Yourself Off A Cliff

    • You just reminded me of something else – I’ve had a lot of jobs, every single new job I started I ended up enemies with the first person that was nice to me and wanted to be friends, yet over time ended up deeply embedded with those I didn’t like from the get-go. Weird.


  1. To say the “I didn’t feel any chemistry” sentence after the first date, it means it was a real disaster. I generally give a second chance to everyone, some people need more time to open up. The thid date is however a threshold: either i FEEL the chemistry (whatever that means), or the potential for it, or i’d better focus my time and energy on somebody ese.

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