The Brunette Part 2


The date was set as a late dinner, 8:30pm, in a town between where we each reside.  The same as date #1, but rather than a pub where we met the first time, this time I made reservations at a pretty chic Italian joint.

I arrived early and found out parking close to the place was going to be tough.  One way streets, packed paid lots, dead ends, no parking zones etc.  After making a few rounds I luckily found a spot in an adjacent lot as someone was backing out.  I knew my date would likely not be so lucky.  Not that I really care, but it adds stress to an already semi-tedious situation and if it can be avoided, the date is just going to go better – from my experience.

As expected, I see her drive by, do a 57 point turn in the dead-end narrow street the place was on, so I ran over to her car and hopped in – “I know, I know, I just went through this, head that way” and relaxed the situation.  We found parking for her a few blocks away on a side street and walked to the place together.

That worked out well.

Surprisingly they had saved us a nice U-shaped booth – which brought laughter to both of us, as she reminded me, on our first date I requested a booth, they said fine, made us wait 10 minutes and then took us to a table and chairs – we both went “umm ok” as we sat.  This time we didn’t ask, and got the best seat in the house.

From there it was a fine second date, I learned more about her, she about me as we sipped white wine and nibbled on food for 3 hours.

We closed the place down – not even noticing this as we have pretty deep conversations and I love how she refuses to break eye contact with me, or stop talking, when an over zealous waitress keeps coming around – big brownie points.  Wait staff, if you know those two are on a date and into each other – stay away.

After being the only two remaining people we were basically asked to leave…  She attempted to pay the $80 bill but I’d have none of that – she said “I’ll get the next one” I said ok with a smirk..

On the way out she goes “I am going to freeze, especially my feet”.  She had open top? shoes, tight pants and a black leather jacket.  Onto the street she’s going “brrr” I am freezing, so I wrapped my left arm around her and rubbed up and down on her left arm to heat her up, she put her right arm around my waist and I walked her to her car.  And for good reason….

3/4 of the way and a drunk emerges from the darkness staring at us and he barks out”sexy” and even followed us for a few steps before heading off in another direction.  “Thank you for walking me to my car” she says, and then follows with “maybe he was meaning it for you when he said sexy” we laughed and got into the kissing and holding.  Then she says “I am enjoying getting to know you and am I going to see you again” I said yes, of course you are, when are you free next?  She says “Sunday”.  I say, do you want me to come to your town?  She says “Yes”.  We kiss some more, hug, I tell her to drive safe, she hops in and we part ways.

So there you have it – date 2.  Part 3 coming up!




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