Second Thoughts On Those We Rejected….


She was perfectly fine, a partner at a law firm and owned several horses.  Looks wise she was what we call a 7 out of 10.  The problem was that I was still crushing hard on the blonde that had just abruptly left because her former BF of 10 years had gotten hitched not long after they split.

Man, even in the parking lot when I went to kiss her on the cheek she went for my lips.


Its been too long – I never called her back, I deleted her number, all her texts and any remnants of her on match and kept looking – but I’ve never found one as good.  Even a good friend of mine lambasted me for screwing the pooch on that one.  “You must be an expert judge of character to call it quits after just one date”.

And he was exactly right..

Any attempt to contact her would be a disrespectful lie on my behalf.  “Oh, so sorry, I was busy”  – but she’s seen me active on match damn near daily since.

There has been others too, hell, one from about 3 weeks ago.  We were to meet at a coffee shop, I got there first – just as the place was closing.  I waited outside and was laughing as she walked up with the current status.  Turns out neither one of us had eaten dinner yet so we ended up at a Thai place close by and we had a very fun, chatty and romantic date.  I deleted her number too.

Is this a sign that I am getting closer, or more stupid?




6 thoughts on “Second Thoughts On Those We Rejected….

  1. Pls enlighten me. Guys cancelling girls’s numbers or blocking them after a great date is one of the many dating mysteries i haven’t been able to unfold yet. And, by the way, whatever your reason is, girls would much more appreciate honesty and the balls you might need to say it. We can take it, whatever reason you have, don’t worry.

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