Elite Singles Review


Today ends a 6 month run on elite singles – which was only intended to be 3 months, but just like eHarmony, unless you jump through several hoops and have certain things checked off – along with an email to a rep from their company! – they just automatically renew you.

That said, let me tell you about the website.

It sucks.

Just like any paid online dating program, its loaded with free or trial profiles that cannot see or read messages from paying subscribers.  Freebies also cannot post pictures of themselves, so at any given moment 80% of your matches have no pictures.  There were also a very healthy amount of blatantly fake profiles.  Model-like pictures and poorly cut and pasted descriptions, or none at all.

If someone real does sign up and post a picture it goes into your “messages”.  So now when you log in you may have 5-10 messages, but all they are is pictures of random women.  I assume they put these into your message section because they are so happy that someone besides you actually signed up and paid for this garbage.

In 6 months I met a staggering three women from there.  #1 was the “are you kidding me” rebounder.  #2 was a cute engineer, I showed her how to play pool for the very first time but there was absolutely nothing between us.  #3 was a bubbly cutie from the east-end on her very first online date – I didn’t have the heart to tell her she picked a terrible site.  After the date she told me she could tell I wasn’t feeling it.  I wished her the best, I probably should have kept her around as a friend – she was actually really cool.

But besides that – on Match I’ve met the same amount of girls in a single week and you can actually search for what you want, not wait for a handful of matches each day that have no pictures and or are fake.

Final thoughts – it’s a half-baked clunky website depending on TV commercials and marketing.  I do not recommend it, at all.  I live in a big city and there was nobody on it, so if you live in a smaller town don’t even bother.

As always I physically deleted all my pictures before clicking the “delete profile” button, because I am sure – just like eHarmony – they continue to shop your profile around even after your subscription has lapsed.  To read about my eHarmony review click here.



11 thoughts on “Elite Singles Review

  1. Thanks for the review! I was actually about to change my online dating approach and wanted to go to the most serious website on the market, the one where you can be more or less sure that people are looking for a relationship, and was considering Elite… Clearly a mistake! I’ve already been on Match and found it ok-ish, but was hoping for something better…Eharmony? OkCupid? other recommendations?

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    • I had terrible results from eHarmony and do not recommend that one at all (I made a review about it). I’ve found Match has its ups and downs during the year – being nearly dead in the hot summer months. It was the busiest from around mid November up until a couple weeks ago, that likely has to do with the weather getting warmer around here. Seeing as you have already been on Match, try OKC and POF and compare them. (both of those are free)


  2. My friend paid for a three month stint on Elite, and she said exactly what you said that many of the profiles were fake or dead accounts. She didn’t meet one person, but she lives in a small city so the pickings are slim anyway. Her words were “Elite Singles” is a money grabbing scam. She was angry because she is quite wealthy and saw this as a way to meet other professionals like herself. I would set you up with her, but she is now happily in love with one of her old friends.

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  3. This company is a scam. I cancelled my subscription on the same day I ordered it and they will not refund my money. They offer a huge client base when they really have nearly none. I think that what they are doing would be illegal here in the United States.

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  4. I also thought this site was a cut above the rest. WRONG! However, I did cancel by subscription immediately after I subscribed. I started looking at the FAQ’s and it actually tells you to send IN WRITING your request or FAX your request to discontinue being billed. I sent an email after I canceled the subscription stating my concerns regarding the refund and I did receive an email the next morning informing me they will refund since I notified them within the allowed 5 day time frame. So at least they are changing in that respect. I would say don’t waste your time or money.

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