The Hot Momma


I’ll be straight, I really don’t date women with kids – not because I am against it, it’s because most of the single women around here simply don’t have any.  But way back when I started this journey I went on a 2nd date where my date brought her 5-year-old niece and we went ice skating, where I promptly ended up having more fun with the niece than I did my date! (I helped her learn to skate better and was then greeted by about 100 women within a mile on how cute me and my “daughter” were)  So I have always been open to the idea, it just rarely presents itself.

We met on Match and where it says kids yes/no it just said yes – which means one kid, if there are more it’ll say 2, 3 – whatever.

We met for wine and tapas – she was gorgeous and we had amazing conversation.  But this was where I learned that she had two kids.  I didn’t let that get in the way of our nice evening together though.  She said that she had tried dating a year before, but it was too soon after her divorce so she took more time to herself – which I commended her for, nobody likes a re-bounder 😉

We then went to quiet pub and snuggled into a booth for pints, it wasn’t long before I was on her side and you can assume the rest.  No I didn’t bring her back to my place.  She said we could do that next time, but I would never do that to a single mother without full intentions of a relationship, so after a few pleasant texts we drifted apart and a week later I deleted her phone number from my phone.


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