The Hot Pants


I am a sucker for girls that wear shiny tight black leggings, big time, and when she walked in wearing them I couldn’t have been happier.  I ordered a beer, she wine and then we shared a huge plate of nachos and cheese.  I had big plans for this one, but nearing the end of the date she told me how she absolutely does NOT kiss on a first date and how she had squirmed away from the last guy that tried.

Ugh.  Structured.

“Maybe the cheek”

I won’t say the conversation was all that great, all she really talked about was her mundane job (in an attempt to glorify)  and she had a really low overall energy about herself.  I did manage to make her laugh and loosen up but she was low energy at the core.  I also didn’t get to indulge in her hot-pant glory as we were in a booth and she never got up – so I knew what to plan for date #2 after giving her a peck on the cheek at the end of date #1.

We would play pool!

I set the date up at a pool hall / bar / grille in an attempt to make things more upbeat and active as 2nd dates should be, my hopes were soon dashed.

She showed up looking like she hadn’t slept, or dare I say showered in a week.  Her done up hair legit looked greasy.    All pool tables were being used so we were once again stuck in a booth with her going on and on about her job while nearly putting me to sleep.

Conversation sputtered along until I got the bill and we left.  In both cases her uber driver showed up within seconds killing my end date kissing game, but I did manage to plant one on her willing lips at the end, but I knew this one was D.O.A.

The next day I received a text thanking me for the nachos but she wasn’t feeling the mutual chemistry that we should be at this point and I was quick to agree with her.  I love not having to be the schmuck – and wished her all the best.

Without her telling me of her structured rules I would have kissed her passionately, or at least tried, at the end of date #1 and only one of two things would have happened.  She would have enjoyed it, or cheeked me.  If she enjoyed it, date #2 would have been much more interesting and if she cheeked me it would have been over right then and there.



12 thoughts on “The Hot Pants

  1. Most girls, who have any respect at all for themselves, will not kiss you on the first date. If you go out on every date expecting that, you’re going to be sorely disappointed my new friend. #judtbeinghonest


    • Been on over 80 dates, if she likes me she will kiss me. Rules and structure go out the window in the face of real attraction and chemistry. The kiss lets her know I like her and her response lets me know if I am going to set the next date.


      • Agreed, but sometimes the chemistry can build up over time. I agree that I want my partner to be a good kisser, but I didn’t let him kiss me on the first date.


  2. She also wants you to respect her, and if she kisses you on the first date and lets things get too physical too soon, she’ll regret it, and you more than likely won’t respect her.


    • I did respect her, but a simple kiss rejection between two singles after a hot date means one isn’t interested. Simple as that. Its just a kiss, not sex on a first date which would be totally wrong.


  3. As long as there is consent kissing and even sex on the first date is perfectly fine for both a Man and a Woman. More importantly…any self respecting Woman, does what she wants and when she wants.

    Gender roles suffocate…

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