Objects in Mirror….

We had been chatting for about a week before I suggested a place to meet up.  She only had two pictures, both from the shoulders/boobs up.  Her frame looked normal size so I thought nothing of it.

Curly haired Italian chick that told me she worked out every day – so I really had my guard down.

As I was driving to the meeting spot, she texted me that she was there and waiting, about 45 minutes early!  She said to let her know when I arrived, which I did before heading in – but I saw nobody that looked like her.

Right then I got a text, she had gone to the wrong location, big time.  She wasn’t even in the right city!  I laughed it off and waited for her to show…

I watched her pull in and exit her car and right then I knew I was in trouble.  She was 29, but the two pictures were clearly taken when she was 21 or 22 and she had changed a lot in that time frame.  She could have honestly said she was the girl’s mother and I would have bought it.  Much different face, significantly overweight and tired looking.

She also had something that looked like a rug draped over her shoulders, I assume to try and stay covered up or something.

I had one drink and left




14 thoughts on “Objects in Mirror….

  1. I suppose I would be happy that you at least had one drink with the girl and then moved along? However I do get where you’re coming from, any time someone has shown up looking less like their profile pic, it’s annoyed me far more than what you’ve written. 😀

    Best of luck man.


    • It has happened a few times (I posted about those too) but this was the worst case. She was eyeing the menu and I had to abruptly say “drinks only” to the waitress. Deceitful behavior doesn’t get rewarded.

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      • I do note that you seem pretty up front about what you are looking for in a mate. That’s always good to get out there up front.

        And though I’m not one to say “lower your standards” sometimes Online dating is the culprit, because you want perfection in an imperfect world.

        I’ve suffered from the same. Of course I’ve also settled for assholes and alcoholics…


      • I know but my standards really aren’t that crazy. Attraction has to be there, yet as I get older I find myself attracted to things I didn’t use to be, I think its natures way of lowering your standards for you..lol. She has to drive, have a decent job and live alone – status quo for any 30-something living around here. Connecting on a communication / chemistry level is the hard part.


      • hah, I’d love to live alone, unfortunately after years of having bad relationships, and guys that refused to pay their part. I have to get my finances under control, so I’ll help dad out in the process. (I’m not petitioning for a date either)

        But yes I totally understand where you are coming from. And if you really like someone, sometimes the physical isn’t a deal breaker, sometimes it just is.

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  2. Ugh. This hasn’t happened to me yet. In fact, every guy I’ve met has been better looking in person. I’ve also only met 5 guys from the internet, so… I guess the odds are with me for now.


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