A Male Bumble Review

Welcome to bumble

I know that I said I hated free dating apps and sites, but a few days ago I bit the bullet and downloaded Bumble.  I also had to make a dummy Facebook account because I tossed my original one into the trash 5 years ago.

For those that don’t know, its a swipe app and after you are matched, the woman has to reply first within 24hrs of matching, and we have to reply back within 24hrs or you lose your shot.

Observation #1 is that almost all of the girls on it are beautiful – my initial run through had me literally trying to find ones that weren’t right-swipe worthy, and it was hard.  But I digress, looks alone are great in your 20’s but I desire a wee bit more than that in my 30’s and unless they tell you about themselves in the short bio, you are left to go off nothing but looks, location, age and (optional) career + education.

How about height?  I am 6 foot and don’t want to swipe on anyone taller.

Religion? I love and celebrate Christmas and other Christian holidays and its an instant deal breaker if you don’t.

Body type?  Self explanatory.

The other issue here is the widely discussed algorithm they have in place for men.  When I first signed up and started swiping I got about 5 or 6 matches and was messaged by 3 ladies.  Pretty normal I thought, until later on I realized I had swiped hundreds of profiles and the matches all but stopped – and I wanted to know why so I did some digging.

Basically, new male members are sent to the bottom of the barrel and have to work their way up to be shown to the more popular members based on how many right swipes we get over time.  I assume the first batch of matches I got was a little taste of the top to convince me to not insta-delete the app out of frustration.  From my research other men experienced the same thing right after signing up.

Fair enough I thought, over a week or so I should have generated enough right swipes to be “in the show” but even this was flawed.  Apparently many men right swipe everyone which in-turn makes almost every right swipe for women a match which bogs down the entire system.  It could be weeks or months before a girl I right-swiped on today even comes across my profile.

I’ve also scrolled though at least 15 previous dates hanging out on here so this has been like a reunion, with a left swipe adios.

I am at 4 days in and I get 1, maybe 2 matches a day and I have pretty much stopped swiping so it can catch up.  Oh, I take it you have noticed the image up there – here’s another

It’s not just guys……

UPDATE: 4/15/17

I am now finally getting quality matches, I assume I qualified to Bumbles standards?  Women I match with tend to message within the hour or not at all.  I will updated later.

Final Update:

I didn’t like it, whenever I was messaging with a girl I could tell I was just one of many dudes she was juggling.  Lots of one word answers, not asking me questions on top of the aforementioned algorithm debacle makes me have to give this app two thumbs down.









10 thoughts on “A Male Bumble Review

      • There are so many cons to these sites/apps! Fake accounts, old accounts not to mention all those that are married or just after a hook up. Then you have to ease through those who lie on their profile! Grrrrrrrrrrrr. I enjoy your blog though. Hope you have better luck.

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      • As a woman on dating sites I can say that the quantity of messages we get are rarely quality. For me I need more of variety and couldn’t wait 24 for one person to message me back. That’s insane. That’s like saying hi and waiting a week for them to say Hello.

        So it’s been a few days. Have you had any positive experiences yet? And did you message the first one? just curious.


      • I was messaging back and forth with a few initially, until I realized I wasn’t into them and deleted them. I get about a match a day, some message, some let it fade out after 24hrs. I assume most use this as a game / ego boost. Each morning it’ll tell me how many women have right swiped me (faces blurred) and it lines them all up for me on the app to pick and choose, so that is kinda cool but I am still wondering what happened to the 500(?) profiles that I right-swiped on just after signing up??? Dead profiles possibly….

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  1. I was on Bumble for a while and then recently deleted it because it was an utter waste of time. I matched with tons of guys that I actually liked superficially (because it’s hard to tell much based on photos and 300 words). I actually took the time to respond and never got even 1 message back. This was true for the BFF thing, too. Now, I’m not some ogre and my messages were pretty relevant and usually get responses, so I really feel like there’s something fishy with this app. In any case, I’d rather not waste my time or get my hopes up.


  2. I think your review is spot on. I feel the same way about most of the guys I match with. Some of them are very pretty – like, way too attractive to be on a dating app. I started to think they were all fake (and they may still be since I didn’t match with many of them), What gets me about the app though is I will start a conversation with everyone I match with and they either don’t respond at all (which goes along with your theory that people swipe right on everyone) or they respond once and then when I answer back I never hear from them again. Thanks for sharing the male perspective.


    • I’d wager at least 30%-40% of the profiles are fake for both genders. Since the app is set around females the one response and ghost from men goes along with the fake profile / bot theory. This app wasn’t made by someone in their basement – its a company to make millions. I get real matches now, but don’t take any of it serious until you are legit messaging back and forth with a match.

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  3. Bumble is such a bad app that doesn’t work and its very sketchy.

    I literally watched a movie and swiped right for nearly 2 hours and got no matches. Then after awhile you get the occasional match when you start swiping again. I guess some women will swipe right for you once your profile has time to get out there. But you can’t message the woman unless they write you first, which doesn’t happen too often because they have a 24 hour window. If they have no push notifications, they won’t even know about the match and it will expire. Do they have the option to at least receive a text or an e-mail? Alerts aren’t always feasible if they’re trying to save data.

    After your matches are depleted, you can wait a few hours and a few more will show up. I doubt these people just signed up so quickly in your area during that time, especially since you won’t get a match.

    It’s very likely that a lot of profiles are either fake or old profiles from the archives to get people to stick around and pay for boosts. I actually ran into a friend who said they deleted their profile a long time ago and was upset to see it on there. This also happens on Tinder as well, and I’ve had friends that I’ve run into that weren’t happy to see their profile still up.

    Advice – this app is a major dud. You may get the odd match here and there, but overall, you will run out of profiles faster than watching a movie. Better to watch a cheesy movie and swipe right for fun and see if you get lucky. But otherwise, without even knowing it, you will get a lot of fakes or old profiles.


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