Guest Post: How I was an asshole the day before Valentines

So I’ve been relationship single for about a year, had a bounce around but that went to the side. My bud tells me that maybe I should try Match or something, so WTH I ‘giver a shot.

Girl chats me up on there talking how she likes a lot of the stuff I do. Sleds, 4-wheelers etc.

She was pretty cute, my picture was on there too so she knew what I looked like and it was a recent pic. Anyways we agree to meet. I let her know I gotta wake up early to help on a friends farm in the morning and I will have some hydraulic rams for his skidder in the box of my truck.

I agree to take her out to a nice steak house in my area, I am talking $50 tenderloin place and $5 drinks. She knows the place and is all exited saying she went there when she was a kid and knows they have awesome steak and its been a long time, so in my head I am thinking this is gonna go good.

Well she rolls up in a brand new Buick or something all cleaned up and mind you its -20 outside. My PSD (power stroke diesel) is rattling away covered in road salt. So I am feeling like an ass already.

I jump out and say “You ready to get some steak?” She says yes and we start rolling out, its a good 30 minute drive but she starts giving me the clues right away “how shes tired” and “tomorrow is a busy day for her” then starts in with saying opposites of what she liked before……..

So at this time I am just like WTF am I taking this broad out for?  I turn the truck around and start heading back the way we came. I know the side roads so she asks “how far is this place away?” I think she was wondering WTF was going on but she wasn’t gonna say it.  I kept it calm and cool asking about her kid and all that, then about some local racing she liked to watch.

I come in through the backside of where I picked her up and she realizes that were back where I picked her up.

She asks “why are we back here?”
I tell her “since you keep saying how you’re tired and you got a big day tomorrow I think I am just gonna make sure you get the sleep you need and get a good start for tomorrow”.

She looks right at me, with some evil eyes and opens the door and gets out.

I leave and go to the steakhouse that I was gonna take her to.  Spent the money I was going to spend on her on Captain and Root beers.


Coffee Meets Bagel Review

Coffee meets bagel is a dating app that slowly feeds you potential matches everyday at noon.  Initially it seems like a great concept as to not overwhelm everyone with a zillion choices right away, but the apps true intentions are clearly evident early on.

As a somewhat technical person I can see right through what the creators of this app are doing and its nothing more than a thinly disguised money making scam.

Essentially they only feed you a sparse amount of mediocre profiles for free each day, which you will undoubtedly left swipe on the majority of.  BUT you can still scroll through other much better and more popular ones via the “discover” feature but you have to get out your credit card and buy more “bagels” (stupid name) in order to let them know you like them – pay, yet you have no clue if they are even active on the site.  A match still has to be made in order for contact to happen – in all cases.

So this app wants you to pay just for the ability to right swipe the profiles that you like after giving you 4-6 freebies that you don’t like.  Their algorithm essentially makes the attractive profiles pay-only, while giving you the less attractive ones for free.

They are making money off the popular attractive profiles – and even then a good portion are blatantly fake with professional models and photography.

I swear that in time we’ll look back on this as the fraudulent wild west era of online dating.

Meet the 3 scammers that made the app