Coffee Meets Bagel Review

Coffee meets bagel is a dating app that slowly feeds you potential matches everyday at noon.  Initially it seems like a great concept as to not overwhelm everyone with a zillion choices right away, but the apps true intentions are clearly evident early on.

As a somewhat technical person I can see right through what the creators of this app are doing and its nothing more than a thinly disguised money making scam.

Essentially they only feed you a sparse amount of mediocre profiles for free each day, which you will undoubtedly left swipe on the majority of.  BUT you can still scroll through other much better and more popular ones via the “discover” feature but you have to get out your credit card and buy more “bagels” (stupid name) in order to let them know you like them – pay, yet you have no clue if they are even active on the site.  A match still has to be made in order for contact to happen – in all cases.

So this app wants you to pay just for the ability to right swipe the profiles that you like after giving you 4-6 freebies that you don’t like.  Their algorithm essentially makes the attractive profiles pay-only, while giving you the less attractive ones for free.

They are making money off the popular attractive profiles – and even then a good portion are blatantly fake with professional models and photography.

I swear that in time we’ll look back on this as the fraudulent wild west era of online dating.

Meet the 3 scammers that made the app



3 thoughts on “Coffee Meets Bagel Review

  1. After reading a review of the dating app Sapio, I set up an account out of sheer curiosity. I used OK Cupid before, which led to my current relationship, and Sapio was similar but with write-in answers to stock questions instead of multiple choice. I’m not tech-savvy enough to know how it is that they match up users based on the variety of replies they must receive, but I am suspicious that if it’s based on keywords, then the app really comes down to a vocabulary contest. Similar to the one you reviewed, you have to pay up in order to access certain profiles and also in order to actually contact anyone. Pfft. I’m glad I’m out of the game.

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  2. That’s interesting. Love this review by the way. Social value is a hot commodity right now. I would love to tap into this market but I’m not very technical. I met my boyfriend on OkCupid as well. I suppose this app is more effective.


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