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30s dating

This one was a wild card, she had pictures on her profile of her laying on a beach in a skimpy bikini, labeled 2013, yet other photos on there as well where she clearly did not have that same 2013 beach body.  Her eH “can’t stands” was a man who was sex obsessed – yet later on in conversation she said someone to be intimate with was one of her main criteria.  Ok, I’ll roll the dice on what I thought for certain was a nympho.

Also side note – what’s with the groupings I’ve been dating?  Teachers, business women and now airline related chicks – weird.

Anyway, we never spoke on the phone but would usually text daily.  I was really quite standoffish on meeting this one, by now I know you always trust the worst picture and there was really just not much attraction.  Regardless during a text convo she was hinting so hard that I just had to set the date, which was last Friday.  I’d tour to her part of town.  Me thinking I would leave my car on her street and we’d just walk somewhere close.  Couple drinks, walk back, go home – simple.

So there I am, parked and I text “I am parked on the street” – she replies “pull up, you’re too far down” – then “do you want to come in for a bit”

Keep in mind she lived with 4 other women, so no, I wasn’t about to head into that court room – I hadn’t even seen her yet.  I politely declined.

So I pull up and there she is on the sidewalk wearing a skimpy black dress and she hops in my car.  Attraction, as I figured, was negligible but she wasn’t going to rely on her looks or her dress, oh no, she had her dress hiked up her thighs and I calmly told her “you look good” as she slithered around in her seat being as sexy as she could.  We tried going to a spot of her choosing but there was no parking, I got sick of driving around in circles and just said “can we just maybe go back to your area?”  As she agreed and apologized for the traffic, which clearly wasn’t her fault.

On the way back to her place she said I could park in her condos designated parking spot, and that none of her roommates were home for the night.

I can see where this is going…..

I then said I would have come in had I known she was there alone and we laughed about that as we walked over to a pub.  There we had 2-3 drinks and then I said maybe we could get out of there and go somewhere else, but since I was driving there would be no more boozing for me, and at this time she tells me she has to work in the morning, which she may have, but I am not so sure.

Anyway I steer us back towards her place and she started holding my hand, and then came onto me in full attack mode with lots of tongue, biting and lip sucking…

We got back to her place, continued doing what we were doing but when I’d try to steer us up the stairs she would put the brakes on.  “We have to save that for next time” –
“I am not sleeping with you on our first date”.

This did seem odd, even crazier was the fact she seemed to intentionally open the front and rear blinds to put our little make-out and groping show on for her neighbors.  And that’s all that would be happening, after my repeated attempts to seal the deal she was blatantly using sex as second date bait – but from the 5-minute mark, there wasn’t going to be any second date that involved me.  She probably knew that…

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Med girl #2


Blog #23

I am writing about this one just after getting a “Dear John” text message which marked the end of this fast and furious “relationship”.

I don’t even think we had “known” each other for more than 2 weeks and that included the dating site intro, texting, phone call and meeting which was to lead to another meeting which ultimately didn’t happen.

We chatted on the dating site first and she was full of energy and seemed very motivated.  On top of that this girl seemed very aggressive in pursuing me and this came across as a little freaky.  However, she was new to this whole thing saying she had enlisted with online dating less than a week before we bumped into each other.  Right off the bat I figured she was likely just overwhelmed with all of it or felt she was simply excited because she was convinced she had met Mr. Right.

It was her idea to move things to text because she was getting “inundated with messages from men, that she couldn’t reject fast enough” and that texting would be easier than sifting though all the messages to find the new one from me.

Things like that – I’d never heard before, this lady meant business.

We eventually called each other after the texts became too long and tiresome to type – within 10 minutes – “We have too much to talk about for texting”, she said and the phone call went really well.  She was funny, interesting and really pulling things together that we had in common.  She wasn’t letting the chips simply fall as they may, she was physically pulling pieces together to make this work – if that makes sense.

Regardless we had arranged to meet by her place on a Thursday night and she was going to take me on a walking tour of her area.  I thought it was a great date idea and couldn’t wait, until it ended up pouring rain the day we were to meet up.  I had sent her a note saying I hope the rain stops and then she replied that we could always postpone.  I replied when would we postpone to?  Which she replied with “That was a trick question, a little rain isn’t going to scare you off is it”

No, it wasn’t and we changed the date from the walking tour to playing pool at a pub.

The night before we met she had also called me from a very noisy bar after her favorite hockey team had won a game.  I couldn’t even hear her, and honestly thought it was a little weird.  “You’re missing the party” “mummble mummble mummble” “ok see you tomorrow”

Hmmm… I chalked it up as alcohol driven and possibly cause for concern, but whatever.

The next day we met in the parking lot, she actually looked better than her pictures and we shared her umbrella to the pub.  We had a few beers there and played pool before heading to another spot for live music and a couple more drinks.  No denying we got along well, this wasn’t like a typical first date and nothing like an awkward first coffee date type thing, this was fun!

At the live music spot I did end up with my arm around her (liquid courage) before we left as she had to be at work very early the next morning.

Before I had even made it to my door I had received a text from her saying she had such a great time and maybe we could meet that weekend to watch fireworks under the stars, and how it would be romantic.

I told her that was a great idea and we’d make arrangements closer to the day.

That was today.

This morning I texted her asking where and when the fireworks were?  She replied right back saying she was looking up the same thing – but neither of us could find any info on where they were happening by her place.  She then said maybe we’d just get together tomorrow night and watch the hockey game, to which I said that’s a work night and tonight was still the weekend.  She said “for you” as she had to work the next day regardless.

I said I’d come see her when I had to work the next day, and she didn’t, to be fair.

Then she said Ok we’ll hang out tonight but she’ll have to find another date to do the hockey game with the day after.

I said I can probably do the hockey game too!

She then said her friends will be jealous and I can’t “hog her all the time”

I LOL’d that as the joke I thought it was and left her to her work.

About 2 hours ago I got a long text from her, something along the lines of “I can’t see you anymore, I’ve only met you once and I already feel smothered.  I feel you deserve someone that has more time for you”


After pacing around for awhile wondering what had just happened I sent a reply.  “I was only showing availability, and I am sorry it went down like this, take care :)”

And that was it – unless I get a drunk dial from her after the hockey game tomorrow, that is.

‘Til next time





The Fallout girl

Gorgeous - but do you have any recent pics?

Gorgeous – but do you have any recent pics?


I have met nearly every woman I’ve chatted with online, except for one (at this point).

Lets call her Kerry.

I liked one of her pictures and was instantly hit up with a barrage of messages from her and then given her number “to text” all within a couple hours – while in the midst of chatting up others and prepping for a date that evening.

Her texts were frequent once I sent the first one and after just a few she was asking “Can we talk later?”, “Can we”, “when will you be able to call me?”

By the time I got home from the date I’d been on with Country girl I was ready for bed, and had to explain to Kerry that it was late and I’d call the next day.

“Sweet dreams hun, can’t wait to hear your voice” came after a few messages of disbelief that I’d actually call her the following day, in which I had to convince her otherwise.

The following evening I called her up and was actually surprised by her coolness – she had a seductive voice sprinkled with witty sarcasm, funny jokes and realism.  This went well with her hot pictures that showed lots of cleavage, expensive dresses and style.

I was on board!

Our texts continued each day as did nightly phone calls.  In all honesty I liked chatting with her more than any of the others, but alas, things weren’t as good as they seemed.  First were the pictures, they ranged from slim bikini-clad poses from when she was likely 21 years old (31 at time of  interactions) and her body heft increased as the series went on, until the most recent one which was a head shot that showed a chubby arm in the way and no collar bone in sight.

Ever heard of the #1 dating profile picture rule for men?  If you can’t see her collar bone – she’s a fatty. (LOL, I am kidding,… sorta)

So okay, she wasn’t all that she used to be, but without actually meeting her how was I to know?  I was still set to meet her the following Saturday night.

There were 3 things that made me call this off, #1 was the pictures and #2 was when she told me that not only was she bi-polar, but she met with her shrink on a weekly basis – the last meeting, just the day before, had garnered her a week off work – because she wasn’t “well”.

Does that make you feel uncomfortable? She asked – “Oh no, its fine” I said, when really I was squirming.

I had dated a bi-polar chick back in my early 20’s and wanted nothing to do with another one, ever again.

Now the icing on the cake, a double whammy for you.  I went back into the dating site the night after we’d spoke on the phone the first time to re-ponder her picture cache, but her profile had been set to private.  I texted her asking why she’d hidden her profile and she responded with “Because I met someone ;)”

Ohh..  ok.

Then the one where I made my escape, the day before our date she texted me that her grandmother had died and that she couldn’t meet with me the day after.  I said I was sorry for her loss, and to take care and be well.

This was likely brought on by my apparent “quietness” during our last phone call, that she asked about no less than 4 times during the brief call, which I am thinking put her into chaos-mode.

The day after this I checked her Facebook and her profile picture had just been changed, smiley eyed and bushy tailed – seemed odd to do such a thing after such a loss.

We never spoke again, however she did try calling me a couple times, texting a few times and sent a final message through the dating site in attempts to re-engage with me.

Close call.