The Bad Women of 30’s Dating

This post isn’t scientific but from my real world experience of dating over the past few years.  The old cliche is that the dating pool in your 30’s is pretty bleak and I can say that’s very true.  Lets focus on some (not all) of the women you’ll encounter when dating in your 30’s.

The Clueless Serial Dater

She’s on a few different dating sites / apps which makes you think she’s tired of being single and is ready to settle down, except she isn’t.  I’ve dated many of these over the years and they’re all still single to this day.  Why?  I really have no idea, but generally you can assume its because she either has no idea what she wants, is still hung up on a long moved-on ex, has serious commitment issues or is simply content going on a couple dates per week to have a free glass of wine bought for her and nothing else.   She’s been doing this so long that no guy really has a chance (she goes on 50-100 dates a year) you’re just a number to her and her mind is elsewhere.  Where?  Who knows and who cares.  Avoid.

The One With Mental Health Or Other Problematic Issues

This one is hard to explain, its kinda like that guy who was asked to define porn in court,  he said he couldn’t define it but knew it when he saw it.  You’ll know this one when you run into her as the disorders are of such a wide range.  They range from general man hating to severe unchecked depression and everything in-between.  The first few dates will go seemingly well, but their true self comes out eventually and most men run for the hills.  This prompts her to periodically delete all dating apps, but she’ll be back – as always.

The Ones That Expect You To Also Date Their Families

Rare, but still out there even during 30’s dating.  This one is perfect on paper and you’ll be awestruck as to why she’s even single in the first place.  It’s because she’s in search of some messiah that doesn’t only meet her standards, but also her fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles – you get the idea.  This is the one that already has the 500 guest wedding pre-planned, she’s just looking for the right groom.  I am not against this, but we’re in our 30’s here – that ship kinda sailed over a decade ago and with a certain clock ticking, I’d think something else is more important at this stage than a $100,000 fantasy wedding.

The Ones That Lie

The mechanical engineer that was actually an environmental student, the IT professional that was actually a clothing retail employee, the IT professional that was actually just the receptionist for the place, the teacher that was actually a server at a pizza joint,  the countless time wasting re-bounders that bail the second they realize they aren’t ready to date after you have fully invested yourself, the ones using pictures of themselves when they were in college and 80lbs lighter and the ones that say they have one kid but actually have three








The Love It Or Hate It Dating Profile


I am going to go ahead and state that this post pertains mainly to men, but it’ll also work for the ladies to filter out the guys that aren’t just sending you messages based on your pictures.  This is to help you benefit the most from people who actually read profiles, and I am going to say more women do this than men.

So on with  the love it or hate it dating profile.

A popular car designer came up with a theory around 10 years ago and it’s been in place ever since.  That theory was to design “love it or hate it” vehicles.  Bland gets overlooked, but if they are head over heels for the design they will buy it, and f%ck the haters – you can design something else for them.  Bland “don’t offend anyone” design was popular in the 80’s and 90’s when cars looked like boxes or blobs, but since around 2005 its been all about love it or hate it.

2004 Chrysler 300 - betcha don't remember it.

2004 Chrysler 300 – betcha don’t remember it.

You know this one though!  2005 Chrysler 300 and you either love it or hate it.

You know this one though! 2005 Chrysler 300 and you either love it or hate it.

That said…

Don’t be “vanilla” when creating your dating profile in an attempt to be liked by everyone that reads it.  Write out who you are, what you like and what you do not like in  a creative and positive way.  Yeah, this will turn some viewers away, but it’ll also pull in others and hopefully prompt them to send you a note.  Show who the real you is and try as hard as you can to be unique and real.

I put this into place 3 days ago and I haven’t just received messages, I’ve received notes from women that have their claws out.  I’ve seen this vigor before, but not this much this often.  Hell, I have a 39-year-old from Wisconsin (no clue how she even found me) ready to jump on a plane and 3 locals vying for position.

Try it.