eH Leah

Like this but minus the touching, or any positive emotion.

Like this but minus the touching, or any positive emotion.

Blog #24

I’ve been on an eHarmony kick lately.  This was the first site I signed up with but it proved to be a dud compared to the other one I signed up with soon after.  I am talking 10 dates from the other site to 1 eH date here, so a couple weeks ago I figured I’d stoke the eH fire and see what I could get – and get dates I did.

Leah, we’ll call her, and myself started off as many eH flings do by sending canned questions and answers back and forth before finally engaging in normal conversation some time later.  Not long after chatting on the site we moved to text messaging.  Not long after texting I tried to go for the phone call, but this never happened on her behalf, for whatever reason.

Whether she intentionally tried to avoid the call or not didn’t really matter as we had planned to meet a few days later anyway, which was last Friday.

Going into this one I really didn’t have high expectations because at this time I was actively speaking with 3 ladies from eHarmony and Leah was at the bottom of that list.  She was just the least interesting, had an odd-ball seasonal job, no real education and her picture set had everything from a thin mid 20’s version of her all the way to a mid 30’s tired looking version of her.  This was a wild card.

Regardless we met in the parking lot of a coffee shop (gah!) and she was actually quite (initially) presentable.  We made our way inside, ordered our drinks and went to sit down.  I’ll say by around the 15 minute mark I was ready to go.

There was simply no spark.  She acted 40-something instead of 30-something, asked me no questions, blathered about boring topics, and then I could sense a break;  The staff was beginning to close down the coffee shop.  I tried to use this as an escape but was confronted in the the parking lot by her:

“Well we can go to that bar over there”

Me: Hmm, nahh.

Her: Starbucks is just over there

Me: Hmmm..uhh

Her: That bar over there…

Me: Uhhh

2 minutes later we were in line at the Starbucks.

We sat down and it was more of the same, but around 30 minutes later I said I was meeting a friend after our little meet and really should be on my way (which I did and had a good time)

We made our way to the parking lot, and after an awkward-distanced “Nice meeting you” before getting into our vehicles, I was finally out of there.

The end.





Eharmony Date – The Country Girl

Blog #8

This one was a bit of a fluke, I was sitting around chilling on a Sunday afternoon and saw that I’d received a message on Eharmony, so I checked it.

Now, EHarmony works differently than other sites, they try to get people to send canned questions / answers back and forth, along with your makes and breaks before being allowed to send simple messages.

In this case, Kelly, we’ll call her, went right to “skip to message” and dismissed all the other bullshit.

Our chats were more like drinking buddies rambling to one another, rather than your typical courting process.  It moved quickly too, from “Hey whats up” to “You wanna meet in an hour?” all in about 20 minutes.

We agree’d to meet up at a pub that was close to both of us “as friends” (my saying) to try and keep any build-up or nervousness at bay.  “Just two people meeting with similar interests”.

Kelly and I met in the parking lot of the pub and she was “as-advertised” no surprises or bs, which was nice considering what I’d been through the night before (see blog #7).  She made me laugh with her stories, was 100% wholesome and we chatted for a couple hours.

Only problem?  I didn’t feel anything towards her as far as sexual attraction went.  I felt bad for Kelly, knowing she was being overlooked by guys when she was 110% a mans-mans – girl!  I was dumfounded why she was having such a hard time finding a guy when she seemed to be exactly what most guys seem to want to settle down with?

The day after our date I sent her a note saying I had fun, she sent one back saying much the same and that was it between myself and the country girl.