Elite Singles Review


Today ends a 6 month run on elite singles – which was only intended to be 3 months, but just like eHarmony, unless you jump through several hoops and have certain things checked off – along with an email to a rep from their company! – they just automatically renew you.

That said, let me tell you about the website.

It sucks.

Just like any paid online dating program, its loaded with free or trial profiles that cannot see or read messages from paying subscribers.  Freebies also cannot post pictures of themselves, so at any given moment 80% of your matches have no pictures.  There were also a very healthy amount of blatantly fake profiles.  Model-like pictures and poorly cut and pasted descriptions, or none at all.

If someone real does sign up and post a picture it goes into your “messages”.  So now when you log in you may have 5-10 messages, but all they are is pictures of random women.  I assume they put these into your message section because they are so happy that someone besides you actually signed up and paid for this garbage.

In 6 months I met a staggering three women from there.  #1 was the “are you kidding me” rebounder.  #2 was a cute engineer, I showed her how to play pool for the very first time but there was absolutely nothing between us.  #3 was a bubbly cutie from the east-end on her very first online date – I didn’t have the heart to tell her she picked a terrible site.  After the date she told me she could tell I wasn’t feeling it.  I wished her the best, I probably should have kept her around as a friend – she was actually really cool.

But besides that – on Match I’ve met the same amount of girls in a single week and you can actually search for what you want, not wait for a handful of matches each day that have no pictures and or are fake.

Final thoughts – it’s a half-baked clunky website depending on TV commercials and marketing.  I do not recommend it, at all.  I live in a big city and there was nobody on it, so if you live in a smaller town don’t even bother.

As always I physically deleted all my pictures before clicking the “delete profile” button, because I am sure – just like eHarmony – they continue to shop your profile around even after your subscription has lapsed.  To read about my eHarmony review click here.



eHarmony Review


Seeing as I’ve been doing this for over a year, I have lots of in-depth experience with a few of the more popular dating sites.  Here are my thoughts on eHarmony:

eHarmony Review

This site is the worst of the bunch.  You get new matches everyday, but 80-90% of them are “members” that haven’t been active on the site for months or years.  When your subscription lapses they continue shopping your profile to paying members, without you even knowing it.  There is a case I read about recently, where an older woman was on the site and met a man years before – they met and eventually married.  Then a few years later the man died.  A couple more years went by and she made a new eHarmony account – guess who was one of her first matches they suggested to her?  Yup – her dead husbands profile from years before.

They use to have a feature to show last activity on profiles you were interested in and 90% always said “active over a month ago” so you didn’t waste time sending messages to dead profiles.  Fair, I guess, until they removed it and now you have no clue who’s active and who isn’t.

The way they have the subscription settings is also very scammy.  They make you think you are turning your profile off when you switch the setting to not automatically renew and charge your credit card when your subscription runs out, and if this is not turned off, you will be charged and they will not refund your money.  Supposedly you have 72 hour grace period where they will refund your money if (not if, when) this happens, but even though I called the day it happened to me, they still did not refund my money.  If you do a search, you will find hundreds of people that have been caught in this eHarmony scam.

This what you get for turning off the setting that wants to automatically renew your subscription when it runs out - scam!

This is what you get for turning off the setting that wants to automatically renew your subscription when it runs out – yes, you can still send and receive messages with it off – scam!

To properly delete your eHarmony account you have to first go into settings > account settings > billing > then click deactivate account.  This will not physically deactivate your profile if you are still subscribed, it just makes it so your credit card doesn’t get an unwanted ding for $161.00 (my case) .

If you want your profile completely erased, do the above, then delete all pictures, then using the same e-mail account that you signed up with, send an e-mail to deletemyinfo@eharmony.com

Its pretty obvious eharmony is circling the drain so do yourself a favor and go with another option, from my experience Match is by far the best one out there but that may vary depending on your particular age, sex and location.  Most pay sites will let you see what they are like before paying to send and receive messages, so do that first and good luck!